Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Gonna try something new today, so just bear with me.
I know not everyone out there in the Contrap-Nation is podcast-savvy just yet, but if you are, feel free to skip this post altogether. I know a lot of folks will be doing quite a bit of travelling this week, and I figured that rather than poisoning your precious ear canals with a bunch of shitty death metal, I'd instead upload a six-pack of my favorite podcast episodes (in easy-to-use mp3 form), to help you expand your mind and maybe even learn something during this heinous period of mind-numbing airport Hell.
I covered most of my favorite podcasts back here, but I figured one last shove in the right direction couldn't hurt--especially at this crucial time when "tuning out" is absolutely essential.

So here you go: 8 or 9 hours of mind-bending chit-chat, narrowed down from hundreds (if not thousands) of hours that I've endured in the last year or so. No "subscribing", "sync-ing", or "directory searching" necessary--just click the link and enjoy!
If any of these shows peak your interest, make sure you go back and check out my previous podcast post--there's plenty more fun to be had.

First off, I've got 3 full episodes from one of my favorites, the unfortunately-defunct Out There Radio:

- Out There Radio Episode 9: Dropping Acid With The CIA
Good times with MKULTRA and government-sponsored mind control--IllCon approved!
- Out There Radio Episode 40: Those Crazy Occult Nazis
In which our intrepid hosts explore the occult/secret society roots (Thule, anyone?) of the early Nazis.
- Out There Radio Episode 48: The Psychedelic Torchbearers
In-depth study into the lives and philosophies of IC heroes Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna. Guaranteed to blow your fragile little mind.

Then get this:

- The Joe Rogan Experience #125: Giorgio "Ancient Aliens" Tsoukalos
Joe Rogan is a surpisingly intelligent dude, and I'm not sure why it took me so long to subscribe to his podcast--especially considering his fascination with The DMT Elves and stuff... Maybe it's those shitty Fleshlight commercials.
Anyhow, Giorgio Tsoukalos, as you know, is a complete fucking fruit bat, and their 2-and-a-half hour discussion is pretty awesome, starting with specualtion as to whether David Icke is a government disinformation agent and just getting weirder from there (more Joe Rogan Experience HERE).

Then get this:

- The Psychedelic Salon #178: Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson: A Random Walk Through Two Great Minds
Another groovy podcast I discovered only recently, featuring a shit-ton of archival recordings from all your favorites--Leary, McKenna, Wilson, Peter Gormley, etc etc etc... (more Psychedelic Salon HERE)

Then get this:

- Requiem Metal Podcast #105: Death, The Sound of Perseverance
A great show about one of the greatest death metal albums of all time. Mark and Jason always do it up proper.

Here's a couple more shows I've discovered since I last publicly confronted my podcast addiction. All of them highly recommended:

Kissing Contest: Two dudes (and their producer) in Brooklyn, who basically have the opposite tastes in everything, arguing about pop culture and insulting each other. Definitely one of the better "underground" podcasts.
Mysterious Universe: Coast To Coast AM from New Zealand. Cryptozoology, paranormal, occult, etc etc etc...
Stuff You Should Know: Makes you smart.
WNYC's RadioLab: Ditto.
PRI: Science And Creativity: Same here, but in easy-to-digest 10-to-15 minute chunks.
The World And Why: A drunk dude (Dizzo) interviews underground rappers. It's better than it sounds on paper, trust me.
Pool Party Radio: Another, more general, podcast from Parker--one of the three hosts of the excellent Junk Food Dinner. Pointless banter, but often funny and weird.

..... Aaaaaand of course, we can't forget good old Illogical Contraption Radio (see links everywhere), which I'm sure you guys are all caught up on already. Speaking of which, no show this week, as we're all out of town eating delicious turkey breasts. But I'd like to wish everyone out there a happy Indiginous Slaughter Day, and if you're unfortunate enough to live somewhere outside the goddamned U.S. of A... Well, tough shit.

See you guys next week.


Shelby Cobras said...

PS looks like we'll hit a million page views today. Thanks, you pussies.

.chester said...

Wow, your original post with the 20 podcasts is O_O. I think I might be set for life.