Thursday, August 20, 2009

TIGON - 7" (2009)

Excellent timing.

Just as I find myself floundering in a sea of technological inertia, I find an email from this dude Jon that plays in a local band called Tigon. Tigon are buddies with my friend Joe, a talented producer/engineer who is tentatively slated to record the Dalton full-length next month. Joe recorded Tigon's first EP, a wicked little platter of chaotic freak-punk which was featured all up in here back in December, and apparently Jon felt like passing their newest 7" along to the ol' Contraption as well. This shit RULES, and it's BRAND NEW. Apparently, this is a vinyl-only release that they are also offering for free download on their blog (link below). This shit is messy, angry, dissonant, and raw -- Perfect accompaniment for a night of binge drinking and destruction of private property. I will be listening to this A LOT.
Thanks again, Jon.

Download (via the official Tigon blog) HERE

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