Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You probably know Harold Faltermeyer (right) as that German guy who performed "Axel F" from Beverly Hills Cop (no, it wasn't Herbie Hancock). But there is oh so much more to the Faltermeyer legacy. For example, he also wrote and recorded the epic Top Gun theme, and was also responsible for scoring Kuffs (starring Christian Slater), Fletch, Fletch Lives, and Tango & Cash. Not too shabby, eh?
But Harold's coup de grace was the adrenaline-fueled synthesizer attack known as the Running Man OST, a fist-pumping ode to the world of 2017, seen through the eyes of a 1987 action movie. Reverbed-out snare attacks, whining, suspenseful keys, and snappy synth-bass runs all lay the framework for one of science fiction's greatest triumphs, a film based on the story by Richard Bachman (Stephen King) and featuring two of the biggest action stars of its time (Arnold Schwarzenneger and Jesse Ventura).

You just CAN'T fuck with The Running Man, nor can you fuck with Harold Faltermeyer. This was a match made in Heaven, GET IT!!!
Oh, and if you're interested: There are a trio of original spandex suits from The Running Man (left) on sale from the estate of Forry Ackerman right fucking now. ONLY $4000-$6000 apiece. Get on it!

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And while we're still (sort of) on the subject of foreign movie posters, get a load of this bad boy:

I'm not sure what country it's from or what it says, but there is definitely a reference to Guidos in there. So... Italy, maybe?


stargraves said...

I like the first poster - how much better the movie would have been (and I use the term "better" loosely) if arnies costume had actually included spiked shoulder pads - rather than that bright yellow lycra monstrosity!

Though the camp vaue would remain undiminished either way - maybe director starsky wanted to differentiate his work from Enzo G castellari!

Seth J G Goodkind said...

It's Spanish and says at the top something like "His life is always a game", with the title "Persued" or "Persecuted".