Monday, August 24, 2009

Günther: Swedish Music of Tomorrow

If your a regular reader of this blog you are probably familiar with Sweden's rich musical history. In case your not, here's a quick refresher. Beginning in the early 1990's and continuing through to present day, Sweden has been a breeding ground for some of the best melodic death metal bands around. The country has become a heavy metal mecca, a place that most metal heads speak of with reverence. A place that most beer drinking long hairs long to one day see with their own eyes.
Perhaps some of you have wondered recently, what the next big thing to come from Sweden will be. Well ponder no more. I have infiltrated the impenetrable Swedish shield and found the shocking truth. I must warn you, it isn't pretty.

No, this isn't as joke. Pictured above is Günther, aka Mats Söderlund. He is next big thing to come out of Sweden. Söderlund started out as a club owner and model but recently began playing music under the above stage name. It appears that Swedes can't get enough of this mullet clad singer. Its hard not to wonder if this is some new elaborate joke on the public (see B4-4 previously written about here).

Günther released his first album, Pleasureman, in 2004 (released in the US 2006).
Here is a sample of what Günther is all about.

Needless to say, this is a long ways from At The Gates or Dissection. It only a matter of time before this new wave of Swedish mania reaches our red, white, and blue shores. In fact, the invasion already begun. See the below video, filmed on our own soil.

Günther is hard at work on his second release titled (I kid you not), Dirty Man Swedish Sex Beast. Its only a matter of time before this becomes inescapable.
I risked my mental health and virgin eyes for this report. Use this information as you see fit. Dont let my sweat and tears go to waste.


Erik Del Tigre said...

Oh my God. That first video. Oh my GOD. Seriously, that just blew my mind so fucking hard. If Gunther ever plays the US again, I will be the FIRST dude in line. I shit you not.

Also, I highly recommend checking out the flash animation on his homepage. Shit is pure gold. Pure class.

Beebop said...

you're to late. günther is no more

Beebop said...

at least I hope so..we played after him once at a party and it was really really bad...played the same backtracked songs 2 times with 2 bigbreasted sluts and the club owner kicked all the other bands out from the backstage when he entered and made up lies about everyone had to leave the backstage for a while. he can fuck off

Mister Booze said...

Old news. Though the video for Tra La La is brilliant. Especially the ending with the foam...

Erik Del Tigre said...

As a connoisseur of horrible and ridiculous music, I find this news to be tragic. Hopefully some new Swedish douchebag will come along to take his place.

Shane said...

Europeans are so weird.
Is it like a more ironic version of groups like Scooter? It's really hard to tell. I thought Scooter was joking, but it turns out they play stadiums.
I went to Europe once and was a bit surprised when after crusty punk shows in Germany they would have all night techno parties.

GANZER said...

im from europe, and sweden...i´ll fill you in...gunther is meant just cheesy "fun" he like a german stereotype...i think its the same people who did "dr bombay" (indian sterotype) and tried to lure more people to buy this utter crap "dr mcdoo" (now: scottish stereotype) This shit is for imbecille squares...there was also this Hasselhof classic ( which was used "ironically" in a commercial
but got popular a guess is that people really likes this and feel free to do so if it is "ironic"...

On the other hand Scooter is FOR REAL, he´s like a german version of bad taste, beer drenched drug-fulled, balls out, inane rocknrollparty.