Thursday, August 13, 2009

Re: Stoner Metal/Old Classic/Wizard Bong

This album belongs right beside Sleep's Holy Mountain. If you haven't heard this, drop everything, and listen to it as loud as possible, as soon as possible.

Download here.


Anonymous said...

The day I went and got this, I went into a restaurant to get some take out. Before I could order, the Japanese lady at the counter hands me a box of food and says, "Okay, thank you, bye bye." After listening to the CD for the first time, I felt ill.

Anonymous said...

actually heard dopethrone before holy mountain, and might have to say that the EW chaps stand out above holy mountain simply because the album works as a whole. yeah they both have concepts, yeah theyr both powerd by weed. but that doomy core is more evident and present, consistantly, on dopethrone. With that said, DopeSmoker is beyond anyother bong metal wax, simply because it doesnt let that high fade, at all. haschischien indeed.