Monday, March 19, 2012


Are you feeling pain? Are you feeling lost? Are you feeling alone? Sad? Angry? Braco wants to help you.

All text from Braco America:

"Some call Braco a healer. Some call Braco a Conduit of Divine Energy. Some call Braco a Gazer, a Lightworker, a Miracle Master, or even a Vibrational Healing Artist who is somehow able to silently and instantly heal or peacefully massage the consciousness of tens of thousands around the world for years into feeling better or embracing more joy.
We just call Braco a beautiful man... With an extraordinary gift to share.

For more than sixteen years, people from all over Europe have been streaming to Zagreb, Croatia to experience an extraordinary phenomena via a simple act of gazing with a man by the name of Braco (pronounced Braht-zoh, meaning “Little Brother” in Croatian). While Braco doesn’t call himself a healer, hundreds of thousands around the world do.
The reported transformations and healings are often medically and even intellectually unexplainable, yet undeniably miraculous. Reams of documentation recount stories of countless souls remarkably and often spontaneously changed by standing before Braco’s silent gaze -- and not just physical healings, but emotional, spiritual, mental, and interpersonal healings, too.

The energy emanating through Braco’s gaze is so strong that many more experience remarkable transformation simply by being in a photograph that another one holds before Braco’s gaze in what we here in America call a Gazing Session. Just this year, despite dire diagnosis and the utter hopelessness of many people, we’ve documented story after story of radical often healing shifts somehow occurring via friends or family members who’ve simply held before Braco a picture or x-ray of a loved one in need. Some of these changes occurred instantly, while others took a little more time -- within a month or so of the gaze. Further, we have also heard of many cases whereby even keeping the image of those needing special attention in one’s mind, much like a prayer, when pictures have been unavailable, has produced equally phenomenal results.

Further, on the Big Island of Hawai’i in the late fall and early winter ’09, Braco, utilizing the Internet technology of Skype, gazed from Zagreb, Croatia with scads of smaller test groups in Kealakekua and more recently in Kamuela, and those participating have found the results no less profound. We are among the first to be awestruck witnessing this energy which Braco shares; energy seemingly not limited nor hindered in any way by physical distance or technology and now we can experience Braco’s gaze via Braco Live Streaming, taking his silent holistic gift to many around the world at once. Within these pages and in other Braco related sites, we invite you to read and discover cases of chronic pain and cancers vanishing, clarity and purpose being restored, and remarkable transformations bursting forth achieved not just by gazing with Braco in person, and Braco’s Skype or Braco’s live streaming sessions, but also by simply hearing a recording of Braco’s voice. We are honored to have been asked to be part of the growing potential of Braco’s work and look forward to announcing new avenues which Braco and his international teams are heartfully exploring to exponentially connect the energy to those who seek his assistance around the globe.

Braco hasn’t spoken in public for years, nor ever given an interview to the media. He doesn’t preach, nor has he a dogma or “how to gaze” rule book. He’s never accepted a single donation for this gift he believes only comes through him, not from him. Braco doesn’t wish to be worshipped as anyone’s master or guru, instead letting the silence within the sweet gaze offer whatever wisdom or shift needed to emerge for each and every being. Beyond this astonishing gift, often bringing spiritual, emotional, and corporeal transformations, Braco has a normal life in every other way -- He has a beautiful wife, a vibrant young son, and a dearly cherished circle of close friends and family. His only desire is to serve and will see those who need his assistance as long as they continue to come seeking his gift.

We here at Braco America are just a part of the larger global family of Braco working together to share the myriad of possibilities in transformation and healing through the energy Braco conveys. Together we whole-heartedly invite you to slip off your shoes, come inside this site, and see for yourself the phenomenon of Braco as he gazes America.



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Dude... what the fuck?!

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I bet he gets an invisible boner when he gives people his invisible hug.

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Sorry, my favorite Croatian is still Crocop. That left high kick came out of fucking nowhere.