Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Warning - Watching From A Distance (2006)

The new year is traditionally a time for optimism for the year to come, a time for starting anew. Fuck that shit.
Here is some slow, ultra depressing cult doom from England's Warning. Anchored by Solstice and Sore Throat's Rich Walker's cousin Patrick Walker, who plays guitar and sings. They did a couple of demos in the 90s and a full-length in 1999, The Strength to Dream. It's Ok but your better off spending time listening to Watching From a Distance again. They put out Watching From a Distance on Rich's Miskatonic Foundation in 2006. It is their finest hour, and also their swan song.
Tempo change is a foreign concept to these guys. Never getting above a slow crawl, this album could be monotonous if it weren't so good. They have a penchant for Revelation-style arpeggiated chords in addition to the standard doom power chord riffs. Bass: non-existant. Drumming: slow and slower.

Did I mention these guys are sad. They are, or at least Patrick Walker is. He weaves with his Ozzyish voice tales of love lost, regret and plain old loss. And the music reflects it. This album is one blob of negative emotions, real Ghostbusters 2 shit. These guys make Crowbar seem like Blink-182 or some pussy shit like that. Real touchy feely, but still killer, and one of the best post-millenial doom performances.

Warning split in 2009, but it's OK, cuz Walker started 40 Watt Sun, and they sound just like Warning. Except that the drumming on The Inside Room was a little too fast at times. Maybe Christian "Commando" Leitch will slow it the fuck down for the next album. This is doom metal for fucks sake.

 Side note: isn't it strange how many doom dudes were in death metal/grind bands before going doom? Must be growing up, cuz it sure aint selling out. Ex: Patrick Walker, Rich Walker, Lee Dorrian, Jus Oborn, Fernando Opazo of Marchefunebre, My Dying Bride, etc.

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Cory said...

"isn't it strange how many doom dudes were in death metal/grind bands before going doom"

i believe we call this a "poser exposer"

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

WHOA there fella - What do you think causes DM/Grind folks to slow the fuck down into doom? I'll give you a clue - DRUGS. Not posing, simply good ol' wholesome DRUGS. ;-)

Incidentally, I saw Warning's last ever show. Yup. I pretty much rule.

Judge Shredd said...

You lucky bastard! I don't appreciate you implying that doom a poser genre.

Shelby Cobras said...


Nekromantis said...

Watching From a Distance is one of the best Doom metal albums ever in my books.

these a beast said...


these a beast said...

patrick walker: mark kozelek of metal?