Sunday, March 28, 2010

INTERNET METAL REVELATION: Bobby Liebling Is A Halcoholic

Pure class.

I'm not really the type of guy to slay a sacred cow for cheap laughs. But sometimes those fucking cows are just asking for it, man.
Case in point: this past Wednesday night, myself and about half of the IC crew descended upon the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, our collective nads totally pumped for a Pentagram/Ludicra/Slough Feg triple feature. It's rare that I go out on a weeknight, being the domestic old codger that I am, but shit dude, it's FUCKING PENTAGRAM, right? I missed them last time they came through, and I've never had the pleasure live, and they were playing with sweet bands to boot. What did I have to lose?
It all began well. The Lord Weird Slough Feg was a near-religious experience for me, and Ludicra weren't bad either (although they need to work on their headbanging choreography a little bit). But things quickly ground to a halt as the frail, decrepit exoskeleton known as Bobby Liebling finally limped onto the stage. Bobby, bug-eyed and jittery but "clean and sober for three years" immediately explained that Pentagram's usual guitarist had recently dropped off of the tour, and introduced some guy who looked exactly like Ben Stiller in Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny as his replacement. Unfortunately, I don't think Mr. Stiller was quite ready for the live experience.
After lackluster renditions of three Pentagram standards ("Review Your Choices", "Forever My Queen", and another one I don't remember), the band launched into an extensive, freestyle, "boogie-woogie" blues jam that lasted upwards of twenty minutes. It was soon quite obvious that Pentagram had only the slightest idea of how to play "12-bar blues", and embarassment soon turned to disbelief. And then rage.
After ten minutes of facepalming, Sweet Baby Jay (my date for the evening) and I both agreed it was time to go. But the story doesn't end there, oh no.

Also in attendance that evening was the proud Mrs. Liebling, Bobby's blushing bride Hallie ("Hal" to her friends). Word quickly spread that the Lieblings had reserved the entire dressing room area of the DNA Lounge, but remained secluded in the tour bus for the duration of almost the entire evening. Imaginations ran wild with images of what Bobby's wife might look like, but I think she took everyone by surprise when she finally reared her stylish, nubile head. This was no toothless lot lizard, no elderly crackwhore riding the coattails of Bobby's dwindling fame. Hal Liebling is a 23-year-old, American Apparel/Vice Magazine/Hot Topic HIPSTER, oversized sunglasses, skinny belt and all.
But you don't have to take my word for it.
Allow me to direct your attention to Exhibit A: Mrs. Liebling's blog, HALCOHOLIC.COM ("the unabridged fashion musings of a Philly native").

It seems that the young Mrs. Liebling considers herself something of a fashionista! Within the confines of her copious blog posts, we are treated to an onslaught of hipsterisms: pictures of shoes, pictures of Hal wearing the shoes, more pictures of shoes, pictures of sunglasses, pictures of Hal wearing the sunglasses, pictures of belts, purses, more Myspace-angle pictures of Hal, etc. etc. etc...
Of course, this cavalcade of consumerism is always accompanied by the requisite "musings", such as intelligent little nuggets like "Until I met my husband, I always wondered what it must be like to be in a lesbian relationship, be the same size, have similar styles, and be able to share a wardrobe (idealistic, I know)" or "while I was getting a pedicure by a new girl yesterday, she exfoliated so hard that it skinned the side of my left foot!"
But it's not all about Hal. She also writes extensively about her 56-year-old rocker husband when she isn't blathering about heels and accessories, and she also posts some pretty sweet pictures of him in his heyday too. But BE FOREWARNED (get it?): for every photo of corpsepaint-and-handlebar-era Satanic Bobby, you will also be exposed to a total bummer-inducing photo of "modern" Bobby, often decked out in shiny hipsterwear by his young bride. Observe:


Not a bummer:


Not a bummer:

MAJOR Bummer:

MAJORLY not a bummer:

Hey, I don't mean to cast judgement on anyone here. I'm sure if I was Bobby's age and some vapid youngster wanted to live off of my money I'd let her, too. I'll always be a fan of the man's music, that's not the issue. What is the issue is this: Bobby is currently in the middle stages of the ultimate dignity-free cash-grab, and it appears that our hard-earned concert dough is funding some trust-fund bimbo hipster's Endless Summer. That's not cool, man.
But whatever. My good friend Del Tigre wisely summed up the situation with these words:
"Shit is fucked beyond repair. Crane your neck to look then keep on driving."
True that.

Anyhow, I'm sure you all are JUST DYING to learn more about Hallie Liebling. Lucky for you, she knows that everyone is JUST DYING to hear more about her life already. I give you now Exhibit B, an actual Q & A that Hallie conducted with herself recently on 15 questions to satisfy all of the burning questions at the tip of your tongue. Enjoy!

"1. What part of Philly are you from? Are you originally from Philly?

- We live in South Philly right now and I have lived in the Philadelphia area my entire life, though I was not born here.

2. How tall are you?

- 5'4"

3. How old is your husband?

- 56

4. How long has your husband been playing music?

- My husband has been a professional musician since he was 10 years old.

5. How do you style your hair when it's down?

- I braid it when it's wet and sleep on it, then take them out in the morning.

6. How did you quit smoking? How long were you smoking before you quit?

- Nicorette, tobacco pouches, and a lot of patience. I smoked for nearly 8 years.
(That means she started when she was FIFTEEN. PUNK AS FUCK. - Cobras)

7. Do you work out?

- No.

Above: "Tons of punk shirts ... DIY inspiration for me."


8. What do you do for work?

- My husband works. I am a freelance writer and a trained cosmetologist, and I also do graphic design on the side.

9. Is it true that KISS tried to buy Pentagram songs and your husband wouldn't sell them?

- Yes.

10. What nationality are you and what nationality is your husband?

- I am Norwegian and Italian, he is Jewish.
(Jewish is obviously a very stylish "nationality".)

11. How many tattoos do you have and what are they? Who did your tattoos? Do you have any piercings?

- I'm not sure how many I have. I have a half sleeve and about 4 or 5 other smaller ones. They're all pretty traditional designs. I've gone to a lot of different artists but most of them were done by T at Philadelphia Eddie's. I have both nostrils pierced and my septum pierced but I rarely wear jewelry anymore. I've had more piercings in the past that I've taken out over time.

12. Where do you shop?

- I shop mostly online, sites like and I get a lot of stuff on eBay (except for leather bags which are usually never a good idea to buy on eBay, if I got $5 for every fake Givenchy Nightingale I saw listed I'd be a multi millionaire). I get some other stuff like pants and t-shirts at I've been a customer there for about 10 years and they have great basic clothes for cheap. Joan Shepp is probably my favorite shop in Philly. I also commission some local designers to make stuff for me.

13. What is your skincare routine? Have you always had good skin?
(So humble!)

- Just Dove soap & moisturizer. I haven't always had good skin. I think the only real solution to acne is to wait it out until you're older. Unless it's really bad, then Accutane really works but I understand it badly dries out your skin.

Bobby onstage, 2010.

14. When is the documentary coming out? How did you feel about cameras following you around to the doctor and stuff?
(I'll explain in a minute.)

- Summer 2010. I don't like being photographed or filmed like Bobby does, but I didn't mind the cameras. The filmmakers are good friends of ours and always worked with our schedule. After awhile you just sort of forget they're around, unless it's an interview.

15. What kind of music do you listen to? What are your favorite bands?
- A lot of '68-'72 hard rock and heavy metal, a lot of punk rock from my youth
(LOL @ "from my youth"! - Cobras). Some of my favorites are Aerosmith, Uriah Heep, Captain Beyond, Black Sabbath, Budgie, Charged G.B.H., Bathory, Oxymoron, Veruca Salt.

My husband went to go buy me a new memory card for my camera so I'll have some eye c@ndy in the next few days."

We c@n't wait, Hal.

Before I go, let me add just one final detail in the case of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Liebling: being the extravagant man that he is, Bobby has provided his wife with the ultimate fashion accessory: A BRAND NEW WIDDLE BABY!
That's right. As he recently announced on his Myspace page (in a blog post titled "Tour thanks/baby announcement/layout design contest"), the Lieblings are now expecting. Apparently a film crew has been following the happy couple around in an effort to produce some sort of documentary and/or reality show about this, the most private and happy of times. And even though Hallie "doesn't like being photographed or filmed like Bobby does" (one visit to her website will undoubtedly confirm her claim), I'm sure she'll figure out a way to work through it.
Or maybe she'll just let her husband work through it.

(thanks to Manslaughter for the video)


Crankenstien said...

hey they've got this dude's autograph at escape from ny pizza and i only need one more punch and a free slice is mine

Helm said...

no judgment on this man or his wife (I'd say 'who cares?' too but I guess a lot of people do) at all but I'd be pretty bummed out if I went to see Pentagram and all I got were 3 inept renditions and a 12 bar blues improv out of them too.

Shane said...

I don't see a big difference between the early clothes and the new ones. Kind of a "fictional" look, I guess.
But it is funny seeing all this go down. It's the classic Spinal Tap situation. What are the odds that the guitarist quit because of
a) this girl
b) money
c) drugs
d) all three

Aylmer said...

incredible that someone could be so narcissistic.

Anonymous said...

i think that interviewing yourself is the future. from now on : im going to be my own groupie, sending myself fanmail, im hanging on to every word i say, laughing hysterically at my own jokes, sucking my dick (i had a girlfriend who dated a guy that could blow himself, and she suspected that he liked it better than when she did it (even though she was "best in the whole county" as she claimed). we all know that real life only exists in tv, and now : The blog! the image of succes is far more important than actual succes. Please Cobras, interview yourself now!

F/i-st Mantraa said...

As I said to my wife when I showed her that chick's blog, "oh, Bobby, no..."

Also, 56 and "three years clean" is kinda late to be having a kid, bro, that's just some free advice.

Shelby Cobras said...


Ain't happenin. Not because of any sort of false modesty, but because teaming up with myself might actually be a hazard to the IC readership. I'm SO FUCKING INTERESTING I might actually do physical harm to people's brains if I interviewed myself. Sorry.

cdg said...

how the fuck do you lose count of "four to five" tattoos? i mean, presumably she has enough fingers, so she should be able to keep track while counting...

captcha: tubslyc

Manslaughter said...

I wish Aesop had punched her in the preg-o stomach when she was a total bitch to him at the show.
Mid life crisis much Bobby?

Shelby Cobras said...


gooniestorm said...

so i read bobby's blog about the whole thing and he actually says he did the lackluster tour because he didn't want to disappoint their loyal fans by canceling the tour. i dunno i think i'd rather postpone a tour than give my loyal fans a shitty performance... i'm sure that what happened was that dude quit because bobby's wife is such a bitch, but they couldn't cancel the tour because "three years clean" bobby had already smoked and snorted up the advance. and i'm pretty sure it was less than three years ago that pentagram played at DNA and a friend was repeatedly texting me from backstage trying to get me to score crack for bobby?
that kid's gonna be FUCKED UP.

Shelby Cobras said...

It was quite a bit less than three years ago. Closer to three months ago. While I did not attend said show, I did hear reports of Mr. Liebling being passed out in a stall in the men's room after the show. Now I'm just being a gossip, though. Maybe he was just REALLY tired...?

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, Bobby liebig can get away with anything; and he is probably living off her money, anyway.

Anwar said...

I'm going to toss my hat in the ring with some first- and second- person accounts from when I saw Pentagram in Austin last year. My friend is a friend of Blake Judd, from Nachtmystium. Before I arrived, my buddy was lucky enough to be allowed on the tour bus with Bobby Liebling, where they spoke for a while. There was lots of drugs afoot, according to my friend, so "three years sober" is generous at best. Later, Pentagram took the stage, and Mick Jagger's skeleton, after donning a Cryptkeeper mask, pranced around the stage for 30 minutes singing what could have been Pentagram songs. It was gnarly, but not in the good way.

Anonymous said...

Whaaaaaat thhheeeee fuuuuck

I heard Quorthon and Steven Tyler used to hang out

Snaggletooth said...

OH my fucking god!! THIS WAS AWESOME!! My favorite was the picture of bobby on tour 2010 - I spit my coffee all over my keyboard.

Honestly, some of us date and fall in love with musicians because we love the man, not because we want to launch our own line of clothing. What got to me about this girls whole trip was, she was bragging about some $500 Pair or shoes or some shit, meanwhile Bobby's former drummer ( boyfriend actually) is barely making ends meet. And Bobby goes on another web site to bitch about having to go on welfare or medicaid or some shit, and Mrs Liebling is dropping THOUSANDS at a time on some trendy Ed Hardy esque clothes.

Joe and I shop at the salvation army,but I'm not bitter.

Thanks again for the great read!!

Mar said...

Ha! your picking apart a mans personal life in a blog, grow up fools this blog is now just as bad as a tabloid or Vice magazine

Shelby Cobras said...


Hansonicus said...

This post saved me several dollars by not seeing them in Cudahy. I heard I missed a 10-minute cover of "La Grange" by ZZ Top. Now I'm just gonna stare at the Tres Hombres gatefold picture for free. Thanks.

jmccray said...

Whoever wrote this trash is pretty ignorant. Without Hallie, Bobby would've been dead a long time ago. She's one of the smartest, kindest, classiest people I know -- I grew up with her -- and she definitely doesn't deserve some total stranger ragging on her marriage and her life.

Shelby Cobras said...

I guess it was just sort of difficult to detect her "inner kindness" through that thick sheen of SHEER BITCHINESS she projects...

Anonymous said...

HYSTERICAL. Hallie is a very sweet girl, and as far as her 'living off of bobby's money' well that's a laugh as well, since she has been very well off for the 8 years i've known her. She doesn't need a man to support her.

flyingfox said...

I cant understand the total assault on Bobby and his girl. You really must be bored. For shame. Also Rhys, dont tell the world about Joe's financial situation.

Bretta said...

I agree, I've been friends with Hallie for about seven years now, and she is a fucking SWEETHEART. You don't even know the shit she's been through with Bobby,and what a good girl she is. She doesn't exude any "bitchiness" that wouldn't have been deserved.

Snaggletooth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Snaggletooth said...

Reposted because of typos in my original post because apparently cheap shoes and clothes impair my grammatical abilities..

Just read this again, gets better every time. "Cavalcade of consumerism" is a favorite."

If I go on tour with my guy's band, I'll be sure to take tons of photos of myself in hotel rooms, none of the band or the cities we're in because I am just too fabulous. In fact I'll have *him* take the photos of *me* because I'm just that mega awesome.

Now If you'll excuse me, I've got to go make anonymous phone calls to people I haven't thought about in months.

Recovering Conservative said...

Hmmm...I find it hard to believe that Bobby has a ton of dough for anyone, much less his wife, to steal from him. He claims to have never recieved any money from Black Widow records, and who knows if his much talked about lawsuit against Marshall Levy ever came to pass. He proclaims to be happy, I hope they are happy, and that Pentagram can really capitalize (the right way, like with Griffin and Hasselvander) on the tide of attention they're getting now.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one has made the point I'm about to make. Let's be honest. This chick probably hasn't done a real, honest day of work in her life. Where is all of this money coming from? She may not be living off of her husband but it is highly likely she is leeching from a much more deplorable source. Two words: RICH PARENTS.

Exhibit A: She is constantly blogging about the "custom" jewelry her mother sends her.

Exhibit B: Poster above claims she has been "well-off" for the eight years they've known each other. She would have been "well-off" at 15. She "doesn't need a man to support her" but she sure needs her mommy's cash! I wonder how her parents made their money....

Yeah I'm stopping because I'm kind of sad I spent even a second caring about this...but you all know I'm right and it's worse than freeloading off of Bobby.

Lisa said...

Although I must admit this was a funny read, I don't really see the problem here. Wow, a young girl who likes fashion and blogs about it, who just happens to be Bobby Liebling's wife! To try to reduce her into some golddigger for that reason seems to me pretty ridiculous. Bobby probably doesn't have much money in the first place, not that it's any of my business or yours either. Who the fuck cares. (Well, obviously I care enough to bother replying)

Sidenote: I saw Pentagram in Norway last year and it was absolutely amazing!

a girl who loves both fashion and Pentagram. Feel free to slam me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ozzy & Sharon anyone?
One aging ex druggie rocker, one wife who loves money.
Bobby, please don't let this happen to you.

Clean for 3 years..? Yeah right. Honestly, he looks awful. He looked better only 5 years ago :(

Crystal said...

I don't like this post! Hallie seems sweet and has nothing but love for her husband.
Boo...on acting like what you think matters anyway!!
I wish the best for Bobby and his new family
Hail Pentagram

Viv said...

I find it SO strange that you write a blog about music and reduce someone elses blog about a personal passion/art form to 'blathering about shoes.' F*ing weird, way to underestimate yourself and fellow man.
Seriously reducing people to stereotypes, picking one liners from a dense subject specific blog and showing them as representative of a whole person. Just plain bad writing man.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you be concentrating on Bobby Liebling's music, not indulging in bitchy Perez Hilton-style attacks on the guy's wife?

BILLONEY! said...

look at Bobby. Now Look at that chick. Now look at YOURSELF!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know why you'd bother claiming you don't want to be judgemental and then writing the way you do.
Nobody forced you to look at her blog. She's writing about fashion because it interests her. You write about metal cause it interests you.
And who cares? They're in love, and starting a family.
What it is about the internet that makes people so damn bitchy?

Anonymous said...

Wow, look at all of the avid readers of Hal's blog who have come to defend her. I don't know her and do not care to. However, she does indeed exude bitchiness and I bet that even her projected kindness is a ruse to get things from people. She seems the type to "network" just so that she has people to leech uh... I mean lean on so that she doesn't have to do actual work.

Anonymous said...

lol bitch, please.

Are you serious? If this girl was just some random other blogger like there are out there, HUNDREDS of them, no one would bother saying she lives off someone else's money, especially not her husband. I highly doubt he has the income to provide for everything she wants, to be honest.

As someone who was once married to a much older/"alternative" sort of man, I would suggest you to check your facts before rambling about some girl you don't even know and being judgemental over their relationship.

For all we know, she could come from a wealthy family and have her own resources to finance all these projects, it doesn't have to be the guy to put up the money.

Anonymous said...

Well, not sure why I'm weighing in here, since I'm not a doom metal fan and I don't know anything/don't care about Hallie Liebling's life or blog. I don't know what the big deal is about the music, but to be fair, it's not my thing, so I'm not the one to critique it. However, I'm an old guy that went to high school with Bobby and knew him fairly well as a teenager. All I can say is that he's changed not a wit since that time. NOT ONE BIT. Self-aggrandizement and delusions of grandeur were always his stock in trade. Now he's exactly where he hoped he'd be (except that was supposed to be in 1973), so I guess he's happy. But I don't get it. God help us, this is perfect fodder for yet another despicable reality TV show.

Anonymous said...

Amplification of my previous post RE: my view of the worth/validity of Pentagram's music/legacy. Since so much attention has been devoted to this, I feel compelled to write on ("right on"). "Rediscovery", a word frequently used here, implies a former, long-ago discovery, of which there was none, to my knowledge. "Discovery" would be more accurate. Although, as I've said before, I'm not an afficianado of what's now called doom rock, I certainly was a hard rock fan in the late-60s/early-70s (that's what we called it - "hard rock", "heavy rock", "heavy music"). I had a significant record collection and was familiar with all of the bands, both American and British. From what I've heard, Pentagram's music doesn't differ much from a lot of what was out there then, and I can tell you as someone who was of age in the early-70s, these bands were a dime a dozen. There were some standouts - pioneers - to be sure, like Black Sabbath, The Stooges, MC5, early BOC, etc. And there were hundreds of imitators, wannabes and posers with lackluster and just plain crappy songs grinding out sludgy junk. How Pentagram's music could be considered "pioneering", given what was out there at the time, is beyond me. Perhaps Bobby's excesses were what prevented them from filling stadiums - which is apparently the legend now - but I think it's because they just didn't stand out from the crowd, were unable to get gigs and were reportedly often unable to perform at the few they did get. And since playing live has always been the way bands improve, this didn't happen for Pentagram. Maybe they didn't "make it" back then because they didn't deserve to? Given the reports I've seen here on their current live shows, why do they now? Now, I admit I've never seen them live, but even if I did, Bobby's "charisma" would be lost on me. This is probably because I knew him personally as just another knucklehead high school stoner, straight out of the "dazed and confused" era. He WAS a bit weirder than the rest of us, but not alarmingly so at the time. He certainly was no “Mr. Mysterioso” to me or anyone else who knew him. I know I'm risking excoriation on this blog for these opinions, but I suspect that the vast majority of Pentagram cultists out there are young enough to be - at least - the sons/daughters of people of my generation, and lack the context required for a proper assessment. All I can say is that any legendary band that's playing bad covers of "La Grange" and interminable 12-bar heavy “blooze-boogies” at their live shows ain't too legendary in my book. Makeup, clothes, arrogance and scary eyeballs does not a great band make. But legend? I guess so.
Why expend so many syllables on this? Because I’ve known lots of people over the years that really, really deserved a shot they never got. They would have hit the mark, too. I hate to see one wasted.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bobby's high school pal, Pentagram are widely respected and appreciated by vast swathes of the metal community, old geezers and young dudes alike. You can't on the one hand say you don't know or care much about doom, and then claim that Pentagram are nothing special. Additionally, Pentagram had plenty of interest back in the day (Sandy Pearlman, KISS etc) but invariably fucked it up because of Bobby's "delusions of grandeur," as you put it. Also, you sound a tad jealous.

Re: The Hallie thing. The girl seems to love Bobby and fashion. "Oh no, she has a different hobby to me and she spends money on that hobby." Yeah... Not sure what the problem is here, but perhaps it's jealousy, too. btw, the money most likely isn't coming from Bobby, not that it matters anyway since it is THEIR life and dough and they are married. The writer sounds like an old bitter misogynist quite frankly. There's a lot of them in the metal community..

Anonymous said...

God, metal fans can be a pain in the ass. I dunno, but a girl in her twenties has a fashion blog??? Wow...never heard of THAT...for the record, most musicians are a little weird, I am one myself. It takes a lot to live in that world, some avoid drugs, some don't. But kicking drugs is even harder. I was given VIP to the Pentagram's show in NYC in January 2011, and i was with the band the whole time. They were totally down to earth, and Bobby refused any drugs that came his way. And there were no blues jams. Pentagram absogoddamnlutely delivered, just check the reviews for the Europa show. As for ragging on the man's wife, why do people get so offended? It's no one's business, and she can do as she pleases. If she was bitchy, maybe there was a reason for that. I'd be pretty grumpy if someone decided they were gonna be an asshole, or if I'm onstage i don't want to be grabbed if I'm trying to perform. Some people need to remember common courtesy and manners that their parents taught them. For the person who suggested punching her in the stomach when she was pregnant, maybe someone ought to punch YOU. But everyone is brave and intelligent when they're behind a computer aren't they? Grow the fuck up. Adam Bell.

Anonymous said...

gEEEZ-- I NEVER do this, but I HAD to jump in on this convo. Ladies: if you are romantically involved with a dude older than your dad, it's time to do some personal investigation!!!

That being said, let your freak flag fly Liebling Family! This will make THE BEST lifetime /mtv/ VH1 behind the woman behind the music movie event ever-- once bobby finally DOES kick the bucket and the missus has "new struggles" as a single ma! Maybe Lohan can play her, or Paris Hilton!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't really even know what a hipster is, but from what I can gather it's someone who likes fashion and music? Oh what a crime! Personally I would rather be friends with a "hipster" than with a bitter jealous blog writer.

Anonymous said...

I love music as much as the next person. Love lots of types punk rock hardcore metal alternative also rap and dub step I listen to whoever has a great beat and great lyrics but I won't listen to country lol there is certain things that just shouldn't be played on a radio. I'd rather listen to Beethoven then Garth brooks or anyone else like that.. Now to the point I'm not a follower of this particular band so I guess I'm middle of the road on this. But here's my opinion to boby if it matters.

It's you're life do what makes you happy. But if that woman is just there for a free ride a d you don't both actually have mutual respect for each other. I'd say maybe move on. Personally I'd rather be dirt broke poor with the one I love then with someone who really doesn't love me for me.

Maybe I'm wrong a d if I am hey fun yeah cause it means you are happy with her. But no hidden message aside. Ask ya self am I right.

I'm more then sure we will never meet in real life so it's not like I am trying to change you're mind for my benifet. Just giving. My 2 sense.

Also keep rocking and have fun cause in the end we are only the mirrored image of our best performence.

Lol had to stick a line in somewhere. L8ter aka general mag

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I guess I can understand this critique, if you'd never watched Last Days Here/spoken to any of Bobby's friends/had no clue about their relationship except from seeing an old dude with a young chick at a gig. I've never read Hallie's blog. But anyone with any knowledge at all, including Bobby's oldest friends and family, credit her with basically saving his life and getting him performing again, and she comes across extremely well in the doco. Also - his money? Dude had none and was a crackhead who lived in his parents basement when she started going out with him. (And looked at least 20 years older than he does now). Seriously doubt he has any today also. So yeah, you pretty much look like a dick with this surface appraisal.

Anonymous said...

The article is a piece of crap. The author is an absolute idiot. All I can say, after I watched the documentary on Bobby.... Love saved him. There's no age limit for that. Who gives you the right to judge people for what they do or who they fall in love with? I am 34 and my husband is 53 and we have a babyboy too, we are extremely happy in love, we both like metal and NO, I didn't marry him because of his music money (not that he makes any off of it). Good for Bobby, who's obviously going on his 30's now and living the rest of his life with a beautiful wife. I don't think that a lot of the haters that replied to this trashy article could take pride with...? Gina.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just watched the documentary and all of you criticizers are waaaaaay off course. Get informed before making judgements. Furthermore, from where Bobby stands in the music business, he does NOT have a lot of money. That is downright laughable. To reiterate: Before you judge and comment get informed. This article is very misleading and biased. The writer did not properly research the subject matter before writing. A sign of a very bad and unprofessional writer.

Anonymous said...

She has a sleeve thats how you lose count

Anonymous said...

A blog by a total Ignoramus.

Anyone who has seen Last Days Here can see what a fool you are for posting this nonsense.

Fool. Douche. Spouting vile nonsense.

Anonymous said...

To be brutally honest, Pentagram were a disorganised, halfway​ band in the 70s that had some decent half realised tunes, but nothing that made them stand out, certainly if compared to Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin. Or Deep Purple. Or Iggy Pop for that matter. But the PENTAGRAM legend is built upon two albums they made during the 1980s metal boom + a little known project called BEDEMON and a few songs that KISS wanted to buy. PENTAGRAM made two albums that were significantly darker and more doom laden than most hard rock and metal in the 1980s, which is why they became "a big deal" in a particular "style of music". Those two albums are highly sought after on vinyl by a LOT of record collectors. This was at a time when the various genres of metal were still being developed. Sounds like stating the obvious to any metal fan, but nobody had pointed it out here. Metal bands don't need to be particularly consistent, and most are not. All you need to do is make a classic album or two. Pentagram made two by my count, but not in the 1970s. By the '90s, subsequent studio recordings had already lost momentum, certainly in the '00s but the band was being discovered by a new generation of doom fans, and members of Pentagram were touring with and also playing in some of these bands, who ALL did a lot to bring BLACK SABBATH back into relevance, at a time when they were certainly out of print. Check out a 90s Sabbath cd sometime. Those bgrade castle remasters. So the old timers from the 60s, complaining that "they don't get it"...of course you don't. Having said that, most of the artists from that era have become retro acts in the 2000's and did not release compelling or consistent product, including BLACK SABBATH themselves(except when they recorded or toured with Dio). Most 70s bands started revisiting their roots, as other newer bands started a revival of a garage sound. All of the artists from this era, nearly 50 years ago(!!!) have sounded less impressive during this century. Some of the releases of early recordings of bands who were not signed in the 1970s, sound like demos because that's what they are. Unfinished. The thought of a baby boomer, fake hippy, born again yuppy from the late 60s or early 70s trying to wrap their heads around the difference between speed metal and doom metal is amusing. I would not expect bands like Pentagram, Trouble,or Saint Vitus to make any sense to people who "knew those guys in school". Ha ha. This made me think of all the worms I know from high school that still live in high school, in the same cliques, with the same grudges, like they never moved on and realised they were just kids. There's nothing more pathetic than that. Nobody cares if you are a nobody with sour grapes about a famous person you barely knew when they were just a 15 year old kid

E. said...

Only just reading this 12 years later. So brutal, haha.