Monday, January 4, 2010


It all started, for me at least, back in the summer of 1995. Somehow a mysterious 7" record found its way into my sweaty teenage hands, a magical little platter bearing the strange title In/Humanity Gets Killed By Robots. I became quickly vexed and enthralled with In/Humanity's mix of free-form noise and screechy hardcore, especially the track "Greener Eyes" on Side A, which proved to be the theme song of the summer. As mysteriously as it had entered my life, the record left as well, leaving no trace of its existence save for a crappy cassette dub which disappeared a few years later as well.
Well, the years passed, and with the benefit of hindsight (not to mention the internet), I've managed to learn a bit more about this elusive and brilliant band.

In/Humanity formed in Columbia, South Carolina, back in 1991. Their first recorded output was a track on a benefit compilation for a local college radio station. The compilation also featured Hootie and the Blowfish.
Led by cult hardcore hero Chris Bickel (who went on to play in Guyana Punchline ((more on them soon)) and Newgenics), In/Humanity released a couple full-length albums, a couple singles, and contributed to several compilations before calling it quits in 1998. Although the dread term "emo" frequently pops up in discussions about this band (Bickel's term was "emo violence"), using such a misnomer is tantamount to consumer fraud. Sure, they had short hair and wore collared shirts, but In/Humanity cranked out some of the most intense, creative, and violent hardcore of the 1990's. There was emotion involved, sure. Lots of fucking ANGER and lots of fucking CONFUSION.
Violent Resignation is a posthumous collection of In/Humanity's finest work. It's not quite a complete discography, but these 42 tracks should give you a pretty good idea what these guys were all about. Song titles like "Nuclear Winter Wonderland", "The Nutty Antichrist" and "We're Sick of Music and We Hate Each Other" just sweeten the deal.
But here's the bummer: Unless my ears and memory deceive me (and they don't), the version of "Greener Eyes" on Violent Resignation is slightly different from (and slightly inferior to) the one on ... Gets Killed By Robots. Which brings me to my next point: Anyone have that record, and/or the ability to upload it for me in mp3 form? It's sort of the "Rosebud" to my Citizen Kane.

Download HERE
Purchase HERE

In/Humanity on Myspace (not much info, but you can at least listen to a few tracks.)


Anonymous said...

Bickle for some reason had to remixed the tapes in the studio to put out the cd. He couldn't remember the original levels so the songs all sound a little different.

Shelby Cobras said...

That makes sense. The vocals sound too loud.

ryan said...

I just found the Gets Killed by Robots 7". Do you still want a rip? I can rip it.

Thanks for this discog. I'd sort of forgotten about this band - can't wait to listen to all their stuff. The 7" rules.

ryan said...

Here you go:

Shelby Cobras said...

AWESOME! Thank you!

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Furman said...

I think the version of "Greener Eyes" is the one from the Nutty Antichrist LP; they're different.

Anonymous said...

link to download doesn't work