Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Above: God willing, this is what my living room will someday look like.

There are few pleasures simpler or more fulfilling than dusting off the ol' NES System for a couple hours of old school gaming fun. I still own a sizeable collection of 8-bit cartridges, and while my machine may currently be on the fritz (big surprise there), it will soon be resurrected in an attempt to bring meaning and direction to my life. That being said, please enjoy a dozen clips of magical moments from our shared Gamer Past, featuring some of the most challenging and action-packed games ever. This was a truly enjoyable trip down memory lane for me, I sincerely hope it has a similar effect for all of you.

First off, we have the final stages and end sequence of one of my favorite obscure NES games, Master Chu And Drunkard Hu. Produced by an unlicensed company on one of those weird light blue cartridges.

Another obscure classic, Ninja Crusaders, featuring ninjas battling cyborgs in a post-apocalyptic setting. This is the entire game, start to finish, in ten and a half minutes.

A nerd playing one of my favorite games ever, N.A.R.C.. Check out the flying syringes and GORE!

Holy shit! Someone actually BEAT Battletoads? No fucking way!

Speaking of which, I didn't want to feature any of that lame SUPER Nintendo shit in here, but does anyone else remember the Battletoads & Double Dragon teamup?

This one's for you, RyGar. The final battle and uber-peaceful ending of, um.... Rygar.

Robocop played in its entirety, with only one life. This video is 20 minutes long. Smoke a bowl.

Some freak finishes The Legend of Kage in UNDER 8 minutes. Damn.

The tearjerker twist ending to Ninja Gaiden (Extra points for the girl's name being "Sea Swallow" -- hehe).

Golgo 13 gets lucky (sorry about the cheezy voice-over).

The last 3 minutes (if you're high on meth) of Bionic Commando. Witness the exploding head of zombie Hitler at 1:30. Epic.

Added bonus: 100 NES games in 10 minutes!

I could go on and on and on and on... Fuck you, YouTube!

This might need to be a multiple-part series...

Above: This thing actually works. Below: So does this.

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floodwatch said...

*wipes tear from eye*

This was beautiful. Just beautiful.