Sunday, October 25, 2009


Remember way back here, when I posted Deeds of Flesh's new (at the time) album, Of What's To Come? Well, it was a total departure from their previous releases, featuring crazier riffage, weirder composition, and a different singer/composer/bass player. But their old stuff is pretty tasty too, despite playing into a lot of the standard tremolo riff/breakdown/tremolo riff trappings of the "technical/brutal death metal" genre. Path of the Weakening is my personal favorite out of their first seven albums, a br00tal little slab of light-speed malice that defined their sound and brought them a little closer to the forefront of the death metal pantheon. And the drums have sort of this "flappity flappity" sound that I find very pleasing on this album, an element that disappeared in their later work that I wish hadn't.

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PS: Post #666 of 2009. Nice.


Seth J G Goodkind said...

Okay. Deeds of Flesh is ruthless. Good stuff and thanks. And secondly, the RESIST link you sent is right on, those are the guys. I was super into them years ago and lost track of my albums living in communal houses. If you have the time I'd love 'em. Don't sweat it though.
Again, Mr. Cobras, your dedication is impressive.

Shelby Cobras said...

I'll talk to my drummer tomorrow at practice, I'm pretty sure he has some of their stuff...