Saturday, October 3, 2009


Considering Voivod's hyper-dimensional take on sci-fi-metal, it seemed only fair to square the standard 'Saturday Morning Double Feature' function and bring you not two but FOUR albums from these Canadian crossover robot freaks. This collection (in my opinion) represents Voivod's entire upward arc, their first four albums -- released between '84 and '88 -- which precluded the appearance of their first ho-hum album Nothingface in 1989.
Their first album, War And Pain, while suffering from weak production, nonetheless contains an energy and urgency sorely lacking in their later work, and documents a unique and fucked-up band taking their first tottering steps onto the big stage of metal dominance. Their sophomore effort, Rrroooaaarrr!!!, is probably my favorite of their albums, with slightly better production and even more punk snarl than its precursor. I might catch shit for this, but I liked the 'Vod a little better when they still had a distinct hardcore flavor, when Snake's voice was still coarse and ugly, without the nasal whine that surfaced later. Plus, it was back when they could get away with writing a song called "Fuck Off And Die".
Killing Technology is almost just as good, as the boys finally find their footing, their "sound" as it were, which could be seen as either a good or a bad thing. The songs are top notch, the sci-fi element is firmly rooted, and Voivod are technically at their best. Dimension Hatröss is great too, but the band is slowing down, becoming a bit more ponderous, losing a little intensity. By the time the album closer (a cover of the Batman theme song) rolls around, it's fairly obvious that Voivod have passed their prime. So there you have it. A quadruple dose of cybernetic math grind. Trip out.
One last thing: A popular musician's tale has it that bassist Blacky used boil his strings before every show Voivod ever played, to ensure maximum playability. Perhaps the story is apocryphal, but how's THAT for dedication?

War And Pain (1984)

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Rrröööaaarrr!!! (1986)

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Killing Technology (1987)

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Dimension Hatröss (1988)

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PSS - First time using Mediafire. Any issues, let me know. I can tell you in advance that you sometimes need to hit the download link TWICE on MF, once before the stupid pop-up and then again AFTER.


chris said...

thanks for these, and thanks for switching to mediafire

shargraves said...

I love Voivod - they went thru a brutal period when Snake & Blacky left and Eric Forrest joined - the Negatron album was the heaviest thing they ever did. Planet Hell & Insect are awesome.

Will give rrroooaaarr another listen - I never warmed to it - though I have the vinyl somewhere.

I even quite like their recent releases after Piggy's untimely demise - as they certainly recapture a punk vibe.

(albeit with a sanitised/ blunted edge, no doubt born of being more middle aged!)

Ambassador MAGMA said...

YES! These are all great. I like some stuff after these, and I do like Dimension Hatröss quite a lot, maybe not the best, but it has a special place in my metal heart.

Hey, I'm going to be back in SF on Oct. 15-18. Let's hang out. Is Cretaceous or Dalton playing anywhere? That would make it all worthwhile.

Helm said...

Whaaaaaat?! Nothingface is their best I tell you, their best!

Shelby Cobras said...

chris - yeah MF>RS

graves - Never got into Negatron. Too "groovy". I can listen to the later stuff, but the first four are where it's at.

MAGMA - Your timing sucks. Dalton (as "Womanowar") is playing Man-O-Fest on the 8th, and Cretaceous is playing on the 24th. I'll be in the recording studio quite a bit on the 15th-18th, but I'm sure we could figure something out. You've got the email addy...

Helm - No.

Steven said...

While I don't really think it's their best, 'KillTech' remains my favorite. 'N-face' is straight brilliance; but then I like the psychedelic albums, too. I'm one of those idiots that loves every Voivod album, even the ones that kinda suck. So sue me.

Daniel said...

Just saw em during SXSW down here in Austin,Texas and they destroyed.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

You are wronger than the wrongest wrong thing of all time about Nothingface. BUT, I respect your blatantly incorrect opinion. ALL Voivod records are the best, even the ones that aren't.