Monday, October 26, 2009


This one is just fucking weird. "Saint Steven" is actually a guy named Steven Cataldo, a Boston-based musician who played in several other psych-rock bands before and after the release of this album, including Ultimate Spinach, The Nervous Eaters, and Front Page Revue. That's him on the cover, floating above the sea serpent holding his guitar.
Anyhow, this album is much more hippy-dippy than the standard Illogical Contraption fare, but postworthy for several reasons. Saint Steven creates his own little world here, and does his best to flesh out an entire concept album or two in its brief 29 minutes. Introducing us to mythological creations like "Gladacadova" and "Aye Aye Poe Day" (which also happens to be the heaviest track here), Steve takes us on an acid-drenched trip through America circa 1969, with all sorts of strange sound effects, jangling bells, fuzzed out vocals, and reverby guitars. There's even a segment featuring sound clips from the 1968 Republican National Convention. Right after some elephant noises. I don't know.
The music on this one might not be the most memorable or unique ever, but Saint Steven definitely had some weird shit floating around in his head. Curious stuff.

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Steven said...

I'll give a whirl. Ultimate Spinach did some cool stuff.