Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This week: PRESENT - Triskaidekaphobie (1980)

A side project formed by members of the mighty Univers Zero, Present's RIO/Zeuhl-inflected 15-to-20 minute freakouts are more free-jazz noodling and busy composition that the lumbering doomprog of their parent group, but the end result is just as weird and hypnotic. The fuzzed-out bass and minor-key piano parts are still there, but overall Present is a slightly more frantic and upbeat creature, challenging the listener to actually follow where their music is going rather than just crushing them with sheer, oppressive sludge. Melodies within melodies within dissonance. No vocals. Why is it that Belgium does this style of music so well?

Download HERE
Purchase a re-issue also containing their second album Poison Qui Rend Fou HERE


Helm said...

I also wholeheartedly recommend 2001's "High Infidelity".

Shelby Cobras said...

I'll definitely check that out, thanks.