Friday, October 16, 2009


The Abyss was an oft-overlooked black metal side project of three dudes from Sweden's Hypocrisy which existed for only a few years in the mid 90's. Musically speaking, these guys created some of the illest BM around, a blasting, gurgling massacre on par with some of the most intense stuff in the genre. But The Abyss were also dynamically challenging, tossing a couple Dissection-esque acoustic breakdowns and sparse, haunting solos into the mix as well. The metal community never really gave them the notice that they deserved, which is confusing considering the level of skill and composition displayed here. Whatever.
The Other Side is a half hour of some seriously brutal black metal, covered in spikes, fried in blood, and served piping hot on a bed of rotting corpses. Jesus fucking FUCK!

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I don't know why there was so little notice on this guys either but i believe the way they presented their music was not what we were used in the 90's. Perhaps now, 20 years later (yeah its been 20 years since 1990) we can appreciate this better.

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Anonymous said...

Probably up there in my top 5 records of all time, sublime, malevolent, beautiful music