Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This week: ESKATON - 4 VISIONS (1979)

Another standout in the multitude of killer French Zeuhl bands from the 70's, Eskaton had quite a few elements going for them to set them apart from the pack both musically and conceptually. Like their countrymen Zao, Eskaton sports a warbling, semi-operatic frontwoman whose alien vocals lend themselves wholly to the "outer space" vibe on this album. Busy basslines, rapidly shifting riffs and tempos, funky drums, and a distinct intergalactic porn vibe soak 4 Visions in a thick coat of creepy, minor-key danceability, but don't get me wrong: This IS NOT disco.
Eskaton is fucking WEIRD, a point driven home by the ever-present, tremolo-ed out keyboard patterns that buzz back and forth accross each composition like a cyborg mosquito. This is the sound of robots fucking, of Wookiees doing the hustle, of astronauts snorting coke. I implore you: PLEASE let Eskaton blow your mind. You will not regret a thing.

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