Monday, April 5, 2010


The term "goregrind" is tossed around pretty liberally these days, usually in describing anatomy-obsessed death metal bands who write really short songs with really long words in them. But Madrid, Spain's Haemorrhage have been dealing out their own brand of goregrind for 20 years now, receiving very little recognition until the last 5 years or so, when Relapse picked them up and began re-issuing their back catalog.
The Haemorrhage sound is more informed by speedy thrash than any kind of guttural slamming brewtality, bringing to mind the sickening aural onslaughts of Bay Area favorites like Impaled, Exhumed, or Dekapitator (in fact, Haemorrhage shared a brutal international split record with Impaled back in 2003 entitled Dementia Rex -- but that's another story for another day). Their songs are short and fast but varied and dynamic as well, still bearing the trademark anatomy-textbook terminology but adding influences from all across the metal map.

In addition to possessing a certain flair for chaotic, blasting splattercore, Haemorrhage is also a spectacle live, creating a theatrical atmosphere in which lead singer Lugubrious is often covered in blood (above right) with the rest of the band clad in scrubs and surgical masks as severed limbs soar across the stage. And let us not forget the lovely shredmistress Ana (left), guitarist in the band since 1994, criminally unacknowledged in the 'Gorgeous Ladies of Metal' post I wrote a couple of weeks ago.
Man, I blew it.

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