Friday, April 30, 2010

In Trance - Which copy do you own?

I guess it's a slow news day around the IC headquaters. So maybe some quick Uli worship is in order.

Did you ever notice that there are two covers for In Trance? Which one do you have?

original cover

notice anything missing?

More importanly, have you seen the original cover for Virgin Killer? I'd post it right now but I'm pretty positive it violates my probation (and sometimes I wonder, "does my PO read my blog?")

Grab a smoking babe, or a babe who smokes, and listen to this while driving down the California coastline in the middle of the night.


Cory said...


SEANFORD said...

hahahaha. sorry man, i guess i was 13 minutes early on that one. total blog foul. like when you’re double teaming a classy lady and you finish on her first and the other dude is like “C’mon! I was about to use that part!”

speaking of which, where’s shelbro today?

Cory said...

i think he's at the mall with the girls.

Manslaughter said...

You guys are gross. Scorps rule. Gonna see their last US show in August. Gonna grab some smokin babes. HA.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing worse than the "safe" cover. I long for single German tit. Fucking Uli Jon Roth tore shit up from Fly to the Rainbow through The Tokyo Tapes.

Shelby Cobras said...

I'm still here, fellas. Just taking care of biz out in the "real world". Next week will be back to normal.

PS In Trance is the first Scorps LP i ever bought, at St. Vinnie's in Eureka circa mid 90's. It's also the only one i still have. I was sold on German Tit, but soon I discovered the magic of "Robot Man" (or as I like to call it, "Robut Man"). I love this album.

PS the mall was awesome today.

SEANFORD said...

i think "use that part" might have crossed the line when it comes to how much sexism i'll allow in my blogging. apologies to all the ladies (and to the that dude too, totally inconsiderate).

also, since its now after dark (meaning im no longer at work), please feel free to enjoy the original Virgin Killer cover. and hail germany,

The Money Paradise said...


Manslaughter said...

Maybe you should try the Eiffel Tower method next time. Then you don't have to apologize to anyone.