Wednesday, April 28, 2010


File under: Awesome detritus from Steven's South-centric Bromantic Interlude published two days ago.

In fact, F.U.C.T. (see Part 1, song 3) was the impetus behind said post, as it was Steven's surrender of this album (via email) that prompted the request for that compilation in the first place. F.U.C.T. (Forever Ungratical Corinaric Technikilation) began in Nashville, Tennessee (I think) in the mid-80's, releasing a couple demos in the latter part of that decade before the epic Dimensional Depth Perception dropped in 1990. There are only a few things you need to know about F.U.C.T.:
A) They looked rad (see example).
B) They sounded a lot like The Accüsed, only dirtier, deathier, sludgier, and weirder.
C) They disbanded shortly after the release of this album, due to mysterious consequences involving death and prison. See also Mayhem, see also Texas' Show Me On The Doll (a shiny nickel for anyone who can remember the last time they were featured on IC - WITHOUT using the search window).
D) F.U.C.T. re-united in 2007.

This album kicks all kinds of ass, and I was even kind enough to include their semi-self-titled 1989 demo Forever Ungratical Corinaric Technikilation in here as well. Wow! Neat!
Another big thanks to Brother Steven for volunteering these goodies in the first place. You rule.

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Will Towles said...

I really enjoyed this one a lot, thanks for all the cool tunes!

GRK. said...

Had this on vinly for a while, but the inclusion of demo shtuff's swung me. Ta!

eyerawk said...

The download link no worky no mo... :-(