Thursday, April 1, 2010


The Devastation of Musculation. The Original Rock Warrior. Jon Mikl Thor. THOR for short.
The man has worn many masks and gone by many names. He is a legend, a barbarian, a kingmaker, and, above all else, a Total Bro.
Ever seen a man bend rebar in his fucking teeth, or inflate a hot water bottle until it explodes using only the power of his lungs? Probably not, unless you've seen Thor perform live. It is a singular experience, the type of thing that must be seen (and heard) to be believed.

Thor's back catalog is immense, impressive, and inconsistent. For example: 1977's Keep The Dogs Away is an unparallelled masterpiece, while 2002's Triumphant is a relative clunker (although his duet with Seth Putnam on a self-referential cover of Anal Cunt's "Throwing Cars At People On Coke With Thor" is priceless). But his hit-or-miss discography is merely a part of the Thor legacy, and must simply be accepted upon conversion to His way of life.
Fear not, though, for the quality of 1985's Only The Strong. Released several years after the end of Thor's "glam" phase and several years before his "retro" phase, Strong finds Thor at his gauntleted, burning-leather-and-double-bass best, flirting with early thrash as he belts out ode after ode to barbarian glory. This fucker is brimming with party-ready speed metal anthems, fist-pumping hits flexing their proverbial muscles at the puny and the weak. This is the definition of EPIC. Highly recommended.

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Only The Strong-era Thor:

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Geoffrey said...

I saw Thor play this crazy show at some random nudie bar in Portland years ago and it was pretty much the burliest thing i ever witnessed. Testosterone City!!
Does anybody remember that?? I think it was 02 or 03.

BradethQ said...

Still kicking myself for missing a chance to see him when I was a tween.

Manslaughter said...

Cobras why didn't you scan your epic pic with Thor dude? The people, they look up to you, they need to BELIEVE!

Erik Del Tigre said...

Do you believe?

Shelby Cobras said...

Thanks, Erik. I posted that a long time ago but had forgotten about it. Man, I have become one fat, longhaired bastard...

Crankenstien said...

zombie nightmare