Thursday, May 5, 2011

VARIOUS ARTISTS - DOOMSDAY NEWS I & II: The New Generation of Heavy Metal (1988/89)

Just got the first of these two compilations on vinyl the other day, and have been blaring it relentlessly. Thanks again to del Tigre for the new record player.

Let's see: Coroner, Deathrow, Celtic Frost, Sabbat, Watchtower, Kreator, and Voivod all in the same place? Go look up "no brainer" in the dictionary.


1. Scanner – Galactos
2. Rage – Before the Storm
3. Deathrow – Scattered by the Wind
4. Coroner – Arrogance in Uniform
5. Tankard – Total Addiction
6. Sabbat – Hosanna in Excelsis
7. Helloween – Starlight
8. Vendetta – And the Brave Man Fails
9. Celtic Frost – Mesmerized
10. Kreator – After the Attack
11. Voivod – Cockroaches

Download HERE

1. Coroner – Hate, Fire, Blood
2. Watchtower – Dangerous Toy
3. Midas Touch – Aceldama – Terminal Breath
4. Deathrow – Machinery
5. Mordred – The Artist
6. Rage – Mirror
7. Vendetta – War
8. Mania – Break Out

Download HERE

PS: There was aslo a 'Part 3' (Thrashing East Live!), but it was basically just a bunch of live tracks from Kreator, Sabbat, Tankard, and Coroner. Meh.

Bulgaria's own VENDETTA, in a band photo that really warrants no further commentary.


Clint B said...

I totally just got Volume 2 at Amoeba, like, last week. Awesome songs, and an awesome album cover! A drooling purple zombie with a split head shooting lightning bolts out his ears!

Miss Adrienne said...
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youcanhateme said...

Doomsday news is how I first heard Voivod.

Cockroaches is still one of my favorite voivod songs.

Helm said...

vol II is where I heard of Deathrow, with their best song too.

Sartr -- word verification

Asa said...

Proudly own both on vinyl, yay Coroner completism. DN 3 is good as well, live cuts from the first thrash gig post-fall of the Berlin Wall featuring Coroner, Tankard, Sabbat and Kreator.

michik said...

Please! cold somebody re-upload Doomsday news 2? :(