Saturday, May 21, 2011


I used to go to a lot of Hardcore shows. It's amazing what people will call hardcore these days. And they are pretty uptight about it too. What's with all the "cores" anyways? It's like, deathcore, trashcore, grindcore...when are they going to start a CORE CORE genre? (PS-sweet knuckle tat). Well, this is quintessential hardcore. But then throw in a little doom, gloom and hair and you have Black Breath. My neck still hurts, and it was two days ago that I saw them. Of course, it was the second night in a row.Highly recommended. Please enjoy.

Heavy Breathing-HERE:


RyGar said...

Post-Core-Core is where it's at. U R such a trend.

JGD said...

God I hate that screamo shit.