Sunday, May 1, 2011


'Sup, dudes! WHAT DID I MISS? I heard we were smack in the middle of guilty pleasures week up in this biiiiizzzzchhhh lol. I don't read this blog enough to know what that even means. Is it a celebration of my favorite Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novel? Did Cobras want us to talk about the newest Barry Gibb/Babs Streisand collab? Was there any good shiz?? I've kind of been "off the grid" doing some work on "the playa" awaiting the next big burn sesh and making some extra dough. Lol I'm so fucking hi rite now.

ANNNNYYYWAYZ I wanted to talk about a little band I just
discovered and have been listening to for about 9 days str8. These guys seem to have come out of nowhere! My bro ROOTZ just popped them on while we were settin' up some tentz and I instantly fell into the wickedest H-HOLE (hash hole) ever. I mean these dudes were on some other shit. Check out this panther they had on stage:

That is like the evilest stage ever, rite???? The JGB or "Jerry Garcia Band" apparently hail from rite here in San Francisco, Cali. They released their first album in 1975. The pretty much perfect "Cats Under The Stars" and that, my friends, is my gift to you on this beautiful day. I basically became the biggest JGB supafan ever in the last couple days and I am now the proud owner of the complete set of JGB band's lead singer Jerry Garcia's whole collection of RARE COLLECTABLE NECKTIES. Eat that, Cobras.

Wickedly wild and weird, rite? For reals though, mysterious lead singer/guitar player Jerry Garcia's voice is heartbreakingly beautiful and his playing is fantastic on this album. Smoke an L get transported to 1975. A groovier, funkier time.


Joshua Field said...
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Cory said...

i dont understand

Manslaughter said...

I know I have said this so many times in our li(ves), but I love you. And missed you tonight while singing Ace of Base on karaoke.

Anonymous said...

Joshua Field, you are an imbecile.

Shelby Cobras said...

DEEP CUTS, man. Who the fuck is this guy and how have I never heard of him!?!?!?