Saturday, September 26, 2009


If you double "Rudimentary Peni", you get "Rudimentary Penis". Jesus. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Nick Blinko from Peni beat out Pushead for the "80's Punk Artist" heavyweight belt a little while ago, and Peni's (note correct punctuation) Cacophony was one of the first albums ever featured on I.C. They are a perennial favorite around here. Either you have these albums or you are a teenager. Or a soccer mom. Or both.

Fuck off. Peni kills.


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THE E.P.'S OF R.P. (1987)

(Compilation of EP's and singles from 1981 on.)

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RyGar said...

I'm wary of saying that any band is "my favorite band", but these guys have always meant a lot to me. The depression and outsider anxiety on "Death Church" fit perfectly into the mosaic of confusion and angst I felt in my teen years (okay, I'm still confused and angry, just in an older, wiser way). Parents suck, religions suck, government is fucked - all of it gets said here, without resorting to "I don't care" , "Fuck you" and oh, poor me cliche's.
Their last one, "Archaic" is actually very good, but all of its depth is hidden beneath a wall of amateur sounding riffing. Listen on headphones, or at max volume, and you can unlock the intricacies that make it a Peni record.