Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Soe Throat were an essential component of the whole mid-to-late-80's UK grindcore/noisecore thing, contemporaries of both Napalm Death and Discharge but quite a bit meaner and nastier than either. They took great joy in slagging other "underground" bands of the time, as evidenced by song titles like "D.R.I. (Dead Rich Individuals)", "M.D.C. (More Damn Capitalists)", and "Billy Milano's Head". They talked shit on the crossover movement ("The Crossover (Is Over)", "Invasion of The Amerikaan HC Clones"). They railed about the government ("Fuck The Poll Tax", "Our Leaders' Horrendous Policies"). They went off on sXe kids ("Straight Head (Narrow Mind)", "Straights"). They were also very fond of the word "horrendous" (seven songs on the album have this word in their title, my favorite being "War Is Horrendous"). All in all, Sore Throat just weren't very nice guys.
Unhindered By Talent contains a total of 52 songs, running from 3 seconds to 2 1/2 minutes. They are loud, fast, angry, and stupid. Not much more to say.

Download HERE

Extra points for the pre-ironic red mullet (below).


varg said...

hi shelby i'm your friend from iran that who send u mail and asking for help me to find some video!! do u remeber me? just send u some mail and u don't answer me

varg said...

can u add some information about the witch that they burn her in Masachoset i think her name must be elizabth.thanks

Jake said...

Holy damn, that red mullet is the stuff of nightmares.

Shelby Cobras said...


I didn't get the email about video, you should try sending it again and I'll help you out. I will also do some research on witches in Massachussetts and maybe write it up here on I.C.