Thursday, September 10, 2009


This week: RUINS - REFUSAL FOSSIL (1997)

Another shredding, confusing album from the drummer-bassist combo who brought Zeuhl from France in the 70's to Japan in the 90's. Absolutely insane bass riffage merges with ferocious drum barrages and gibbering lyrics sung (?) in an invented language to become one of the most surprisingly listenable "unlistenable" bands ever. I posted their album Burning Stone awhile back, but I actually like Fossil quite a bit more. The grooves these guys lock into at times are fucking unbelievable (check out "Heraclion"). Total insanity.
They even sneak a couple recycled Magma riffs into the album closer, which is aptly titled "Prog Rock Medley".

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Steven said...

My honest condolences. RIP, Mr Swayze.