Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This week: FAUST - SELF-TITLED (1971)

Before the term "krautrock" ever became synonymous with pretension and chin-stroking hipsterism, before the term "experimental music" became interchangable with "consumer fraud" (my apologies to Men's Recovery Project for phrase theft), before writing a song titled "Why Don't You Eat Carrots?" was a BAD idea, there was Faust. Faust was experimental and groundbreaking in the best possible way, writing music from completely outside the box and throwing all the conventions of "popular" music right out the fucking window. Even their packaging was an experiment. Their self-titled debut album was pressed on clear vinyl and shipped in a clear sleeve (above), with nothing but the band's name and an X-Ray of a human fist ("Faust" is German for "fist", hence "faustficken") printed in black on the front.
The music contained herein is a bad acid trip wrapped up in a surrealistic nightmare, claustrophobically packed with droning electronics, meandering piano passages, and weird, chanting vocal loops that will not allow you to sleep at all tonight. Only 3 songs on this one (8 minutes, 9 and a half minutes, and almost 17 minutes, respectivley), but they are all filled with enough ideas, riffs, and off-the-wall hooks to keep you confused for weeks to come. Don't let the hipsters ruin this one for you. Epic, dark, and even a little goofy. 10/10.

Download HERE
Purchase (for pretty cheap, and packaged with their second album, too) HERE

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