Wednesday, September 23, 2009


AREA - CRAC! (1975)

Absolutely insane Italian Zeuhl/prog from a band well-known in their home country but not so much elsewhere. Area's busy, buzzy, electronic-folk-meets-jazz-fusion jams are topped of perfectly by the vocals of frontman Demetrios Stratos, whose delivery brings Elvis to mind (although in more of a Dread Zeppelin kind of way, rather than a "Hound Dog" kind of way). Sheer 70's schizophrenia, with hints of Zappa, Magma, and copious amounts of hallucinogenic drugs. Which makes me wonder: What the Hell was Area smoking?

Crac!, maybe?

Download HERE

Thanks to Cory for hipping me to this album. You're not as much of an asshole as everyone says you are.

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Anonymous said...

Another great one - man you put up some good prog on here!

thanks - john/milwaukee