Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hopefully, a couple of you pulled your fucking heads out of your asses long enough to take a chance on Geinoh Yamashirogumi's Akira OST, as well as their amazing 1976 and 1986 releases Osorezan/Dounokenbai and Ecophony Rinne, respectively. Most of you probably didn't, though, because you were too busy jerking off to the new Rabbit! and Marshmallow Overcoat albums. And that's OK. Music this weird and mind-blowing isn't meant for mass consumption, or even micro-mass consumption.
If you need any explanation regarding the Geinoh Yamashirogumi experimental music collective, please click either of the previous links. I'll expend no further energy doing that here.
Chi no Hibiki Higashi Yuroppu wo Utau was their second release, coming out the same year as their much more psychedelic debut, Osorezan. This is no hippie-dippy daydream, rather it is a choral excursion/exploration into the deepest realms of Eastern European folk chanting. Yeah, wrap your head around that one, buddy.
The other three of you that might have downloaded and/or enjoyed that Hildegard von Bingen stuff would do well to check this shit out. It is fucking beautiful in a way that the tiny gaijin mind cannot fathom.

Download HERE
Geinoh Wiki/Last.FM

PS: Japan is fucked. Go give some money to the Red Cross, you cheap heartless fucks.