Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why I Left Humboldt County

This is where I'm from.

This is also why I don't smoke weed.

Sorry for neglecting the blog, preparation for this weekend's festivities (see below) have me swamped. If you're in the Yay Area, come out and fist bump me this Saturday/Sunday.



brett said...

I don't smoke pot either, but since I work in a head shop and live down the street from what i'm pretty sure is a hippie commune, that video is pretty much my life.

the line up for that show is unreal. i'm jealous.

atanamar said...

Wish I resided in the Yay area so I could witness this badass fest and have my balls properly shredded.

gooniestorm said...

as someone who smokes pot from the minute i wake up until i pass out, i fucking loathe these people. smoking pot is something i do, not my entire identity. i used to work in the haight and we would dread (no pun intended) the arrival of april 20, cuz that meant every little sublime-loving trustafarian shitbag from every suburb in the area would be convening upon our workplace. and then be completely baffled by anyone who wasn't "kind" or giving them "good vibes"

anyway, looking forward to the show, bro. i'll be there smoking hella weed.

Shelby Cobras said...

Thanks for the good vibes, dude. That was super kind of you.

Clint B said...

Based on that video, I cannot COMPREHEND why you would ever want to leave tasty tasty Humboldt!

deraps said...

Damn. Every time I contemplate moving home to humco someday...i see a video like this.