Friday, March 25, 2011


I mentioned this show the other day, a headbanging deathfest coming up on April 16th which is being headlined by none other than San Francisco's own INSANITY. This band has been ripping it up around the Bay since 1985 (!), maintaining a relatively low profile and releasing only two full-lengths in their 26+ year career, this little gem and 2008's Visions of Apocalypse. Sole founding member Dave Gorsuch (vox, guitar) has burned through no less than 6 axe-slingers, 7 bassists, 2 singers, and 6 drummers during the course of Insanity's existence, and their sound has indeed morphed accordingly. Though their later material is grinding mayhem par excellence, the jams on Death After Death sport a distinctly thrash-informed sensibility, replete with lengthy acoustic intros and squealing solos. But fear not, Hessians--the DEATH is strong in this one as well.

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