Monday, March 28, 2011


Oh man, do I have a treat for you guys today.
Killer Fox (also known as Killer Foxx) are an enigma trapped within an anomaly enshrouded within a vortex of mystery--a mindfuckingly awful yet compellingly listenable experimental/techno/death metal trainwreck replete with Vocoded narration, frenzied screaming, drum machines, extended acoustic guitar passages, and a confusing medieval (above)-meets-Motley Crue (below) visual aesthetic. Quite simply, Killer Fox defy any sort of tidy categorization, existing in the esoteric realm of Outsider Metal, where they rule as undisputed Kings.
Although it's exceedingly difficult to extract any sort of coherent storyline from the Killer Fox continuum, it does appear that they released an impossible-to-find debut album entitled Going Under (also known by the titles All You Can Eat and The Night) in 1986, at which point half of the band (Vivian Fox and KK Fox) promptly died in a car accident, leaving the surviving members (guitarist Mick Stryker and drummer John Deacon) to create the absolutely baffling Orgasm of Death in 1990 before evaporating into complete obscurity.
Attempting to quantify exactly how much of this album is a joke and how much is quote unquote serious is a futile endeavor, as just about anyone could discern after 30 seconds of listening. There is simply no way to put adjectives to the Killer Fox experience, although one reviewer described it as "... nonsensical, never-ending songs, 'vocals' like a ranting old hag and weird and totally unmotivated sound effects. Like if THE RESIDENTS had made a Sci-fi concept Metal album." YES. The Residents meet... Old Lady Drivers? Fuck. I don't know.
Orgasm of Death was released by the mysterious and obscure Metal Enterprises label out of Germany, who also boasted (?) a "White Power Oi-Metal" band fronted by a black dude (FUCKER), history's only "Grind-sploitation" band (EXREME NAPALM TERROR--see yesterday's non-mixtape), and the terrible Steely Dan+reggae+German thrash abomination GODZILLA. I promise to explore the Metal Enterprises back catalog in greater detail very soon.
Meanwhile, let Killer Fox fuck you in your ear-pussy.

Download HERE


Check out a succinct yet very thorough history of the Metal Enterprises Chamber of Horrors via The Corroseum HERE.


ReallyGood@Wounding said...

Is that Alf on top of the serpent slayer's head?

Shelby Cobras said...

Funny you should mention Alf...

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

I am SO happy you posted this - all I've had for the last year or so is a corrupt Mediafire version with 2 tracks missing. You are a god amongst men, like a marginally less gay Joey Dimaio.

Max said...

Corroseum site's down as of the moment :(. I read the cached version of the ME article but I hope they pays their internet bill or whatever soon so I can check out the rest of their site.

As for Killer Fox, man what. The muppet vox are killin' me.