Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hey fuckers, I'm back. And I return armed with some major cheeze.
The formula Sweden's ABYSSOS followed was quite simple: 1) Play really awesome Dissection-worshipping black metal. 2) Fuck it all up by putting in corny fucking opera vocals here and there. 3) Add vampires.
I'll admit, the music here is pretty amazing. But man, when those opera vocals come in... Man. Anyone else remember that band Tom Cruise sang for in Interview With The Vampire? Yeesh.
I'm torn. Vampires + Dissection = ???

99% of you will hate this. I'm okay with that.

My Team Edward back patch is still punk as fukk.

Download HERE



Anonymous said...

welcome back, homie.

Anonymous said...

Chris Rehn is one of the better black metal musicians out there, Abyssos deserve much more praise.