Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Well over 3 and a half years of Illogical Contraption and no one has ever posted Fabio Frizzi's brilliant score to Lucio Fulci's (right) 1981 weirdo/gore/zombie/WTF/chiller The Beyond? This is inexcusable. Nigh unto treason. I scorn the entire writing staff for their oversight and laziness.
I found myself revisiting this film during a late-night bender just recently, and found myself once again blown away by a) the way everything in this movie happens for no apparent reason and applies to no real storyline (It's Italian, for fuck's sake! These flicks never make any sense.) b) that scene with the blind chick and her dog on the bridge (still super creepy), and c) THE FUCKING SOUNDTRACK, MAN! SO GOOD!!!

Despite the quality of Frizzi's compositions (past IC posts have explored the droning, minimalist genius of City of the Living Dead/Gates of Hell and Zombi 2), he is far from "profilic" or "well known", recording just a handful of popular scores between the late 60's and today. Sure, his work on the first Zombie, Manhattan Baby, Argento's A Cat In The Brain, The Psychic, and Kill Bill Part 1 (known as Kiru Biru in Japan) have assured him his fair spot in the pantheon of great Italian film composers, but his renown remains mostly in his home country. Frizzi remains nestled comfortably within his own private Brozone Layer, pumping out the ill jams at a consistent--but not megalomaniacal--rate, always keeping it creepy, always keeping it gnar. Sick jams.

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Frizzi on Last.FM


The Goodkind said...

DUDE! This is good stuff. See you on Saturday, I'll be the guy with the bongos and overalls; lookin' forward to jammin' man!

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Crankenstien said...

After watching "Don't Look Now" I think Fulci was really influenced by Roeg. What with the psychic with white eyes and the creepiness and the this and the that. There's alot of cover versions of Frizzi tunes, maybe i should post something about em on here

Cody Perkins said...

Could've gone my whole life without that spider scene but that's why there's a skip button haha. Great (often non-sensical) little gem we have here with an even greater soundtrack. How wild it would've been to see and hear the score being recorded. Those choir sections never fail to freak me out.

FabioCjfromCT said...

please re-up the link, i need by any means... thanks