Thursday, June 7, 2012


You would think that after such a long absence, I might return bearing worthwhile gifts for my beloved readership, but alas, no such luck on this sunny Thursday afternoon--today I present you with naught but pure, undiluted garbage, in the form of the mighty Black Sabbath's final studio embarassment, Forbidden.
What constituted "Black Sabbath" in 1995 was a sad diminishment from even their lineup in 1992, much less the Dio years, much much less their heyday in the early-to-mid-seventies. What we have here is a broken, limping, generic-riff machine fronted by terminal no-name Tony "The Cat" Martin (above right), who even with the omnipresent Tony Iommi (no Geezer at this point--he was busy with GZR. LOL!) in tow couldn't muster an ounce of thunder on this resounding fart of an attempt at "hard rock". The handsome and talented Cozy Powell (who was later replaced by Blue Oyster Cult's Bobby Rondinelli, a dude that subsequently attempted to steal my girlfriend in the mid-00's--true story) rounded out the squadron on skins, but his servicable thumping is piss in an ocean to the utter, anachronistic misstep that is this album.

Did I mention that Ernie C from Body Count (left) was hired to produce this album? Or that esteemed thespian Ice T himself makes an appearance on the opening track? It's all true, which, in a way, is the only selling point to this album. It's pure novelty/curiosity, this ill-fated pairing of British rock legends and talentless urban street toughs, and really the only reason I brought it up today is that I find Tony Iommi's idea of what was "hip" and "edgy" in 1995 just about the most hilarious thing imaginable. His "go-to" was Body Count. Think about that shit.
Anyways, sorry to drop this turd in your proverbial punch bowl today, but hey, you can't win 'em all. Keep your head up, and just remember: RUSTY ANGELS, THEY CAN'T FLY.

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Enjoy a low-budget documentary about the Tony Martin Era of Sabbath:


Jason said...

"Blue Oyster Cult's Bobby Rondinelli, a dude that subsequently attempted to steal my girlfriend in the mid-00's--true story"

Please tell.

JGD said...

what are u doing.

Shelby Cobras said...

I will share the full story eventually.

JGD: Fear not, this is going somewhere

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Bobby is a hot piece of Italian sausage. Nigga got a fucking gong, too. I can't say I would've stayed true. I've dropped my panties for far less.

Hugs, El Tigre

gog said...


captcha; 13 tapown

purplerainingblood said...

You can't tell me GZR didn't have some great promo photos though.

The old dude surrounded by young dudes, the one guy pointing, etc.

Shelby Cobras said...

I should probably post a GZR album next

Cheryl Lynn said...

Bobby Rondinelli tried to steal your chick?! That's awesome, not gonna lie.

Clint B said...

Albums cover's tite tho

purplerainingblood said...

Ernie C, RIP.