Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Miniscule-pimple-on-the-ass-of-metal-history REPUDILATION surfaced for mere moments in the heady years 1996-97, producing very little in the way of recordings but gathering together 8 tracks (well, 6) for a posthumous compilation in 2001. If, like those of us with finer tastes in metal, you enjoy the dulcet tones of generic wigger slam, Repudilation will undoubtedly tickle your mosh-fancy into the depths of oblivion. However, if you are worried about things like "harmony", "originality", "tone", or "artistic merit" in your metal, please execute a neat 180 and leave the room now.
Repudilation deliver pure, unadulterated, pit-ready slamthems, all of them about 3 and a half minutes long, all of them sticking to basically the same blast/breakdown/blast/breakdown pattern, and all of them punctured at certain intervals by the same monotone grunting. If there is anything remarkable about this band, I guess it is the strange bridge they built between proto-slam bands like Pyrexia and Suffocation (Repudilation were also from New York) and more modern stuff like Condemned or Pathology, although the singer's voice is vaguely interesting too, hinting at the airy burping of a more abstract act (Demilich immediately come to mind).
Not much originality here, but in the "slam metal" subgenre, that isn't really the point--just maximum fucking skull-crushing pitt riffment, which Repudilation deliver in abundance. Those Dolemite samples are pretty nifty, too.

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Of course you do.

In related news, an old friend that I had semi-lost touch with years ago contacted me recently and suggested I check out Artery Eruption.

High five, Jaime.

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You totally blew it by losing touch with that bro. He knows what's up.

Artery Eruption/Apocryphon tour 2012.