Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Full disclosure: I've been nerding out pretty hard on a siiiick "primitive death metal" mix Uncle Aesop made for me recently, a compilation that inspired yesterday's Disgrace post as well as today's "piece" on GOREMENT. In fact, I was all pumped up to write about DISSECT's Swallow Swouming Mass as well (another obscure 90's DM act present on Aesop's mix), but homeboy beat me to it. Let it just be said that I give Swouming Mass my full endorsement, and that, no, "swouming" is not, in fact, a word.
But enough about the backstage dealing's of the Bay Area metal blogger cogniscenti, right? Let's talk Gorement--specifically, their sole full-length The Ending Quest. I definitely go through phases with my metal: one week it's nothing but retarded modern slam, the next nothing but early technical Swedeath, the next it's all Scandinavian black metal from the early 00's... Presently, I'm all about some simple-as-fuck, gut-churning primitive death, the less bells and whistles the better. Gorement fit just such a bill, hailing from the proper time ('89-'95) as well as the proper place (Sweden), and arriving wholly unadorned with either the bells or the whistles previously mentioned. The band offers little else besides crushing, vaguely doom-y DM with all the (ridiculously brutal) elements firmly in place--no intro, no outro, just 40 minutes of solid fucking BLUDGEON. Apparently, Gorement, much like Disgrace, similarly lost their way in the mid-90's, adding a new lady singer and drummer, changing their name to "Piper's Dawn", and cranking up the "doom" and (yikes) "goth" factors. But luckily, this ill-conceived plan went quickly awry, and the Gorement/Piper's Dawn crew called it quits sometime around 1997. Which I guess is about as close as you'll get to a "happy ending" with a story like theirs.
Further proof that goth ruins everything. Young'uns, take note.

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Now look at this amazing fucking band photo: