Sunday, October 9, 2011

Regrets, I've Had A Few

Alas it's true, as Cobras has gently pointed out I have been slacking on my posts here at the Trap. To be perfectly honest I've watched my fellow Contraptionists post various rambling rants about music and other things and been inspired, for a few minutes.

Truth is, my primary interest is film and I often lack the berzerker's determination displayed by folks like our Dear Leader to research and elucidate artists and albums. As a result I have a number of half finished ideas which never made it into the kiln.

If for no other reason than to prove Cobras wrong for at least a few minutes, I'll post some of the music that's been waiting on deck starting with this old Blues gem, Blind Willie Johnson.

Perhaps you Hesh-monkeys will appreciate Blind Willie for his brutally raspy singing voice; the first cookie monster vocals? Satanists might also appreciate his intense fondness for god's only begotten son as being somewhat ironic considering the impoverished and somewhat apocalyptic contexts of his music. Johnson, who like Skip James, also worked as a preacher for many years, wrote songs about death, disease, tragedy, sorrow and Jesus which stack up favorably to anything with corpse-paint.

Please, enjoy!

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