Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oppressor - As Blood Flows (1993)

Since this piece on Oppressor was recently posted here on IllCon a couple weeks back, I feel that the band doesn't necessarily warrant an introduction at this point. As Cobras pointed out, it is true that members went on to form the crap band Soil with Shaun Glass of Broken Hope fame. Why they did this, still puzzles me to this day. Even Metal Archives refuses to list Soil as a band, so go figure.

Regardless, I give Cobras superior kudos for posting that piece since Solstice of Oppression happens to be one of my all time favorite albums! I actually had to unearth it from my cavernous collection of CDs just to make sure I still had a copy (damn burglars are always sneaking away with my precious)! Oppressor were technical and brutal with just the right amount of experimentation thrown in the mix. They stood out among their peers but unfortunately are often overlooked. As a way of saying thanks for that previous post, I wanted to offer up this tasty morsel for y'all!

As Blood Flows came out in 1993, a year prior to their debut. This was not the first demo Oppressor put out though. Their first demo was titled World Abomination and released in 1991. While the As Blood Flows demo has most of the same songs that are also featured on Solstice of Oppression with exception of one, the demo still offers a unique glimpse into the beginning of the band. The production is similar to its successor, albeit a little less polished and rough around the edges, but is a fine listen nonetheless! This is more for the die-hard fans of the band or those who are fiends for this kind of shit, such as myself.

As an added bonus, I am also including Elements of Corrosion, which is their third offering prior to disbanding. I would offer you their second full-length, titled Agony, but that would just be too easy now wouldn't it?!

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