Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello readers. I'm back from my tropical island adventure, and I return bearing gifts.
Specifically, I bring you the gift of face-melting early-90's proto-tech death metal, courtesy of Chicago, Illinois' very own OPPRESSOR. These somber lads practiced a psuedo-jazzy, looped-out, freaky version of braingrinding chaos akin to other period favorites like Disincarnate, Gorguts, Human Remains, or pre-suck Cryptopsy, which, as you all know, gives Yours Truly a boner roughly the size of a full-grown Dachshund. Strange that Oppressor didn't make more of a splash in their heyday, stranger still that members of the band (along with some dudes from Broken Hope) went on to create the "heavy rock" abomination SOiL.
Despite this massive shitstain on the Oppressor name, I find very little to dislike about these dudes, and highly recommend checking out Solstice of Oppression, if not their entire back catalog of demos, best-ofs, and full-lengths. Depending where you stand on the whole "tech metal" thing, you might love this or hate this, but being as my personal view is favorable (especially that magical period between '93 and '98 when things just started getting weird in the DM world), I'll be bumping Oppressor REALLY loud here at ICHQ today, with both middle fingers gleefully extended skyward.

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bloodler said...

fuck yeah!, this is one of my favorites. such boner inducing riffage. the first track 'seasons' gets stuck in my head all the time.ffffuuuuuuccckkkkk !!!!

The Metal Hedgehog said...

Das ist brutalz? Ja!