Tuesday, April 10, 2012


According to my blood-spattered Mickey Mouse wristwatch, I'm wayyyyy overdue on sharing some completely mindless, boring, middle-of-the-road death metal with you guys, so as a deep, heart-felt apology, please accept this, Jungle Rot's very first full-length--the aptly titled Slaughter The Weak.
Str8 out tha mean streetz of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Jungle Rot are the very epitome of generic midwestern DM--the type of band that shows up fourth-or-fifth billed on every goddamn metal fest, always lurking at the periphery, rarely venturing outside their comfort zone or well-worn lyrical themes (which Metal Archives list as "War, Torture, Death, and Killing"). But that's their charm, really. Uncle Aesop put it thusly (in reference to Deicide's first album): "Sometimes you just want a hamburger... Not a bacon double cheeseburger, not a western burger and definitely not some pussified garden burger, just a burger, plain and simple."
Jungle Rot is a fucking hamburger, too. I like hamburgers.

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23 Wolves said...

Don't laugh, but this was the album that helped me finally "get" death metal. I think too much other stuff was too good, too chaotic, too much going on...listening to Jungle Rot was simple enough that I could grasp what was cool about death metal, what they were going for. And I love hamburgers, man, people try to put fried eggs and onion straws and shit on 'em all the time...like you said, plain is cool too! Also, I had this action figure dude from the Toxic Avengers line, Major Disaster who looked just like the guy on the cover, so that was cool too.