Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As a direct result of Nothing Left Inside's post Saturday about shitty album art, I present you today with yet another rabbit hole, namely the short-lived trend of extreme-metal album covers being redrawn in MS Paint. Thanks to a re-posting of NLI's IllCon piece on Facebook (courtesy of internet-radio giants WMFU), the Bad Album Art thread spread far and wide, ultimately resulting in virtual Uroborous that leads right back to good 'ol IC Classic.
Our FB pal Aaron Neighbors hipped us to a shit-ton of his very own artwork (namely of the MS Paint variety) originally from a thread over on Nuclear War Now's message board (which in turn was spawned from earlier incarnations on DFFD and The Board That Shall Not Be Named), which blossomed, like the proverbial Corpse Flower, nearly overnight--eventually resulting in a stagnant pool of some of the most retardedly brilliant metal art I've ever seen. Out of respect for his diligence and hard work, we'll start with 25 of Mr. Neighbors' own designs, eventually moving on to another gallery of 25 greats from a further assortment of Nuclear War Now contributors.
This collection needs no further introduction. I believe the art speaks for itself.

Urgent update: Apparently there was a small misunderstanding. In Aaron's own words: "Also there was a confusion: only the Darkthrone, Beherit, and Mortiis featured are mine. The first 25 are not mine but belong to the dude that started this trend on NWN! I have many more in my own fb gallery so I don't want anyone to think those first ones are mine, those are way better than what I can do."

Update Update: This entire first run of images (besides the Ved Buens Ende cover) should be attributed to Mr. Patrick Hughes. Well done sir!

One "BONUS" image from Mr. Neighbors, which started this whole exploration in the first place:

Moving on:
25 further MS Paint-ed Extreme Metal Classics, all of them gleaned from various artists in the pages of the Nuclear War Now message board. Enjoy:

And finally, one "BONUS" image, possible the very greatest of the over 50 I've shared here today:

I could honestly get only halfway through the 53 pages of this thread before I gave up saving and re-posting. There is simply too much awesome. Feel free to head over there and check out the rest of the collection, as this is but a small cross-section.
Thanks again, Mr. Neighbors, for blowing my fucking mind.

In other news, check out the new IllCon logo sent in by our Bro Jay Howard from the LA-based band Wire Werewolves:

Dang. We have the best goddamn motherfucking readers on the entire internet.
You guys rule.


Sid Sings (1979) said...

I'll have to find mine, I want to join in on the fun too.

Jason said...


Prof. Grewbeard said...

all great but i lol'd at Acid Witch the most

Pete colucci said...

amazing post, thank you

i've done one or 2 also, gotta look for them

Sid Sings (1979) said...



Chester said...

Hahahaha, you moved fast with the post. These are great.

Patrick Hughes said...

Ha ha, the first slew are all mine, except for the Ved Buens Ende - if I remember correctly, the dude from Velvet Cacoon pulled off that one.


Patrick Hughes said...

Oh yeah, and "Blerk Sterbeth" on DFFD (where I got the idea to infect FMP and then NWN).

Aaron said...

Great post. Those pictures are amazing. I love it.