Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wartorn - Tainting Tomorrow With the Blood of Yesterday (2008)

I kinda got into punk accidentally, and this is the album that did it. Eight months ago I was on the internets looking for the Wartorn from England, the one with Rich Walker from Solstice and Jim Whitley from Napalm Death as I recall. I never found the English guys but I did find the the vid for "Aftermath of a Severed World" by Wisconsin crusties Wartorn:
This band alone changed my mind on punk. The good music and competent musicianship clashed with my ideas of what punk was. Growing up what passed for "punk" was Green Day and Hatebreed and I instinctively stayed away from that Hot Topic shit and until about eight months ago that was still my opinion of punk. After this album I see that punk is not a shitty half-ass genre created to sell clothing and let middle schoolers think that they are rebellious. Now I know that punk is vibrant and legitimate genre that's worth some of my precious time and hardrive space.
Musically crust as fuck, with plenty of d-beats, some Sabbathy riffs and some killer leads in the vein of Japanese bands like Aggressive Dogs and Enslave. Nothing gets me pumped like a good guitar harmony. Excellent drumming throughout, and there's some decent acoustic/soft stuff goin on as well. Vocals are standard shouts with the standard liberal arts blah blah #politics. Their first album had better song titles like "Wal-Martyr" and "Stillborn Again Christian." but the music is way better on this one. Two steppin is still retarded though.


savethecirclepit said...

If you like Wartorn then be sure to check out Hellshock, Stormcrow and Sanctum. The list for these type bands can be pretty extensive but those are a few jumping off points.

Judge Shredd said...

Yeah the crust end of the pool can be quite deep.

Thanks for the tip, that Hellshock kills hard.

purplerainingblood said...

There's a million bands like this, but I love about 750,000 of them. I'd also recommend World Burns To Death, Crow, Bastard, Selfish, and Warcry. All ragers.

Chris said...

So good. Can't believe I didn't have this, thanks.