Thursday, December 1, 2011


Holy shit, I didn't realize until just now that today is IllCon's three-year anniversary. Nice. What did you fuckers get me?

Nothing? Awesome.
Well, I got you three albums from Norway's own Gehenna (no, not that one), purveyors of only the finest elven/witchy/Dracula-based black metal that country has to offer. Are you into cheesy, mid-paced, mid-90's, synth-laden forest troll music played by a bunch of dudes (and a chick) wearing capes and shit? Good! Gehenna will be right up your alley, casting forth a etherial web of faerie magick to ensnare all your wildest Ren Faire fantasies! A little too "Opera Man" for you? Tough shit, man. Sometimes corny-ass Ouija board metal with the keyboards turned up way too loud is just what the Hessian soul needs, so far be it from me to deprive you of such Narnian majesties.
Three fucking years, man. Jesus.


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Download HERE
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PS check out this new logo I designed for Illogical Contraption Radio:



Aegipan said...

Fuck yeah! I've been looking for their "first spell" for years (I suppose I could have just as easily found it on another blog but still...)

You're inspiring me to do a follow up post (I know I've been lagging on that front - I blame finals and such).

Helm said...

Malice is significantly different(not imo)/better (imo) than first and second spell, highly recommended to new listeners to not stop at the first two!

Aegipan said...

^I couldn't agree with you more Helm. All are an interesting listen but Malice is the best out of the three.

DoomUnicorn said...

Happy Birthday nerdz

purplerainingblood said...

Happy anniversary.

In the spirit of balance, I've got one in the pipeline about the other Gehenna. Maybe we can start pitting hardcore and metal bands with the same name against each other.

Anonymous said...

Congrats lil' nigga. Over one million hits as well. Fuck that jar of mayo, Cobras!

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Cory said...

i love to racism bro

Nekromantis said...

I'm only familiar with First Spell and I love it! I've also heard the second spell and it didn't grab me as the first one did so I thought of them as one of those bands that peaked on their debut. It seems I might have to check out Malice then!

Shelby Cobras said...

WW is a good one too.

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