Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Northland Rules Supreme with the True Kings of The Heathen People

Scheiße! It's been over a fortnight since I have graced IllCon with my presence it appears. I do sincerely apologize!

You see, I can't help it. I'm a student. And as many of you may be well aware out there, us students - those in the CSU system of "education" at least - are in the throes of finishing last minute projects, papers, assignments; we are finally getting around to visiting our instructors during their office hours; we're pleading, no screw that, we're begging to be given some extra credit to make up for that one time we inadvertently slept through a scheduled class meeting and as a result didn't turn in that supposed assignment; we're in the throes of burning in hellfire and getting swallowed up by the misfortune of poorly made decisions and late night booze-benders...

Wait?! What the @#$% am I talking about??

Basically finals are next week. Excuses, excuses... I know.

I've been busting my ass the last two weeks trying to put this semester behind me. I have been running off coffee and vitamin water, burritos and ramen, and trying to squeeze in a nap or two whenever possible. So cut me some slack alright?!

That said, I will keep this post brief considering the circumstances.

So what's new in Aegipan's world you ask? In between these academic excursions of mine, random black outs while raging it at the bar, and trying my best to avoid the brown-bottle flu, I have been trying to stay warm. Seriously, I mean it's been freezing-ass cold! Even for up here in remote, bum-fuck-egypt-Humboldt County! I mean, I don't mind the cold generally and usually have a good tolerance for it but part of my problem recently has been it's been too friggin' cold - too cold even to get out of bed! It just makes you want to stay in bed, spike some hot cocoa, and cuddle up with that teddy bear your ex-girlfriend got you a couple Christmases ago while watching reruns of Law & Order.

NOTE: I'm talking Criminal Intent and none of that bullshit "Special Victims Unit" crap...
...I mean detectives Wheeler and Eames are smoking! Who wouldn't want to be arrested by either?

It's been so damned cold that I have reverted to listening to some cold, grim, Norwegian Black Metal as of late. It may not get as cold here as it does in Norway, true, but you get my point.
Recently whilst rummaging through my collection the other evening I came across this but since it is already featured here on IllCon, and mainly to avoid redundancy, I thought I'd share this instead:

Stay true.

As a special treat, and in part for my lack of posts recently but mainly because I favor the Immortal tracks most on this compilation, I thought I'd share this also:

Stay heathen.

Metallum / Last.FM

Stay cold.

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