Thursday, September 29, 2011


Kyoto, Japan's MORTALIZED have barely made a blip on the radar in their 15-year run on the international grind scene, probably due to their relatively miniscule amount of recorded output. I mean, through the course of three splits, a demo, a best-of compilation, and two EP's, the Mortalized catalog remains under 20 minutes total, leaving very little for the blast-hungry masses to chew on over the years. Take, for example, their first "non-split" release, 2003's Absolute Mortality. Containing four songs and clocking in at just over four minutes, it's hardly an ALBUM, which, I guess, Mortalized realized, following it up immediately with the almost SIX(!!!)-minute Absolute Mortality #2. Neither of them delicately-crafted prog rock epics by any stretch of the imagination, but hey, that's not the point.
The point is this: Mortalized grind really hard and really intense, boasting a frenzied, Discordance Axis-esque dual vocal attack that carries all the subtlety of a surprise leopard-mauling. These guys never slow down or relent, and the pummeling ferocity of the Mortality duo, while only consisting of ten minutes of actual music, will leave you feeling like you just spent 2 hours in the pit with Cannibal Corpse. Complete fucking anti-Christian, speed-worshipping, war-metal brutality, no filler, no pretense, and no bullshit. I've combined parts 1 and 2 together in one file, please use it responsibly. PS: Their 2007 split with Swarrrm comes highly recommended as well.

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brett said...

the lack of content does leave a lot to be desired, but man, these guys are so rad. Luckily Gridlink has a whopping 24 minutes of total material to enjoy as well.