Friday, September 16, 2011


Drumroll please....
Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce the birth of (insert trumpet flourish)


OK, to be fair, this probably isn't that much of a surprise. IllCon Radio is truly Brother Cory (right, pictured with Genesis P. Orridge)'s labor of love, and he's been pimping it on the IllCon Facebook page for about a month already. He's done several shows with Brother Peter, Brother Erik, and Brother Al, but I've been too busy to get involved as of yet. Tonight marks my maiden voyage on board IC Radio, and it's shaping up to be a doozy.
We'll be broadcasting out of Studio 1A at FCC Free Radio tonight from 10pm-midnight (as is the case every Friday from here on out), you can either go HERE and listen live or download the podcast at any point in the upcoming week HERE. Unfortunately, no good archiving system has been set up so far, but I'll be uploading every episode from here on out and posting them on the blog, and we're also working on making this thing a fully-legit iTunes podcast sort of affair.
So if you've been looking for that special radio experience, say, something along the lines of "a heavy metal Coast to Coast AM on Whip-its" (Cory's words), then IllCon Radio might be perfect for you. Bear in mind, the show is 100% live and uncensored, so fucking CALL IN! (415)829-2980. Once again, that's 10pm-midnight, PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. We await your scorn and ridicule with baited breath.

Did I mention theoretical nuclear physicist, ufologist, and celebrated cryptozoologist Franklin Ruehl (below) has appeared on the show? We aren't fucking around.

No bullshit, I own that same dinosaur mug.

Here are some clips. This shit is gonna be real goofy.


Christian said...

This is some funny shit, I'll be checking out further casts.

Cory said...

Thanks for checkin out the "casts"!

Anonymous said...

2 whole hours of the Dizeazoes! Fuck yes brah.

Anonymous said...

Cobras sounds much bigger than his 5'3" on the radio.

Shelby Cobras said...

Podcast will be up at 2pm Saturday 9/17. Thanks to all the bros that called in!