Monday, April 25, 2011

GUILTY PLEASURES WEEK - The Thing That Should Not Be

Damn you Cobras. I'll make you sorry you started this.

Okay. So. My musical guilty pleasure is an artist that many of you may well be unfamiliar with, as I'm not entirely sure if she's made much, if ANY, impact on your side of the pond.

I'm talking about *deep breath* Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Anyone know who she is? Raise your hands if you do, and for an extra ten points, can you tell me who her mother is and what SHE was famous for? Anyone?

Janet Ellis. Bingo. Co-presenter of terminally middle-class british children's TV show 'Blue Peter' during the eighties. Here she is with fellow presenters Simon Groom, Goldie the dog, whatever the FUCK the Blue Peter cat was called and Peter Duncan, on the right there.

You may recognise Peter Duncan from the AMAZING 'Flash Gordon' movie, ALSO made in the eighties. He's the guy that sticks his hand in the treestump, gets bitten by the thing that lives in it, and begs Timothy Dalton to "Spare me the madness!" by stabbing him to death with his sword.


Anyway, I'm just padding this, to try and cushion the blow.

Speaking of which, what do you think has happened here?

I have my suspicions, but, HELL, this is a family blog.

Movin' right along, Sophie is what they call a 'pop' star over here. She makes 'pop' music with a slight twist - it doesn't appear to be aimed at tweens, homosexual men or menopausal women, which for THIS country is a reeeeeeal fuckin' novelty. I guess you could say it's pop music for GROWN-UPS.

Yeah, yeah, I knoooooow, I'm makin' excuses...but the truth is, her songs are really damn catchy.

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Catch You by bigproblem11

Hell, I can't listen to fuckin'.....ABSU or ANOMALOUS all fuckin' day. I need a little variety.

Also, I don't know if you noticed, but she's also kinda easy on the eye...

...she's famous for her long legs, which frankly makes it likely that any potential suitor of MY height would need a fuckin' step-ladder.

Now, SOME people, CRUEL people, have likened her face to, well, a variety of objects, all of which are wide, flat and white...

...but I think they're just jealous of her widescreen beauty. Embittered, twisted people the Brits can be.

Okay, okay, I've padded this out enough. Siiiiiiigh. I'm NOT gonna upload her latest album because...Uhhh...I don't think it's been released yet and we don't want the DMCA all over our asses, right?

So, instead, here is the third of her four albums for you to enjoy instead.

Okay kids, top THAT 'guilty' pleasure...if you can.

*Oh, and also, if anyone can spot and name the constellation hidden in this post, they'll win an honest-to-goodness PRIZE!!


Cory said...

LOL @ YOU BRO (id hit it)

dotism said...


The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Dude - yes, but WHERE is it?

dotism said...

In the plate :)

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

You win a copy of my album! E-mail me your address. Well done you.

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Wow, it's all coming out of the woodworks now!

I don't know if there's anything I'm ashamed of that I own... the one thing that is on my itunes that is absolutely terrible that I love is an industrial tribute to AC/DC. It is honestly some of the worst "music" ever made. And I fucking love it. Picture, if you will (Sicily, 1941), the intro to "Thunderstruck" played on a sequencer... and that's one of the good tracks!

Shelby Cobras said...

Thing, you've made Guilty Pleasures week extremely proud/ashamed. Hopefully your courage/awful taste in music will inspire others to come forward as well...

Speaking of which...

MAGMA, shoot me an email. Industrial AC/DC post, courtesy of YOU, is due by the end of the week.

Roger Camden said...

the Godflesh cover on that AC/DC tribute is pretty good

Nekromantis said...

One of my ultimate favourites, Yui Asaka:

I refuse to feel guilty about it though!