Thursday, June 16, 2011

CAUTION: Excessive Slickness Ahead

Man, after that big, sexy MR. AWESOME post, you guys must really be hankerin' for some "alone time", eh? Well, to help nudge you all into the Tug Zone, I offer today the smooth-ass sexx rapps of Mr. Richard Walters aka SLICK RICK, via his first two releases: 1988's The Great Adventures Of... and 1991's The Ruler's Back.
Rick was born to a Jamaican family in London in 1965, losing his right eye to an unfortunate run-in with broken glass as an infant. These two occurences supplied him with his two most recognizable traits as a rapper--a drawling, vaguely Cockney lilt and oddly "Queen's English"-esque cadence to his voice, and the ever-present "Slick Rick eyepatch" that constantly adorns his face. His family came to NYC when he was 10, and by the early 80's, Rick was deeply involved in the hip-hop scene there, eventually becoming part of Doug E. Fresh's Get Fresh Crew before his excursion into a solo career.
Despite several run-ins with the law (he spent the years 1991-1996 in prison for attempted murder, recording his third album Behind Bars while still incarcerated at Riker's Island), Slick Rick still managed to have a highly successful career, releasing his magnum opus, The Art of Storytelling, just three years after his release. Oddly enough, he received a full and unconditional pardon from all charges in 2008 from (also vision-impaired) New York Governor David Paterson. Sounds like some shady blind-guy favoritism going on...


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When you feel like making another piece about a RAPPER please consider the crazy, deep world of K-RINO. He's da man!

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I'll look into it immediately, thanks for the recommend!