Thursday, June 23, 2011


Nothing particularly unique or groundbreaking about Blood Reaping's blasphemous 2003 effort Ignis Penumbra, pretty much your standard 2-minute "atmospheric" intro followed by a full 50 minutes of chaotic, blasting hatred. But it is well executed, unrelenting, and exceedingly brutal, and if you're the type of Hessian that can hang with the monochromatic stylings of Immolation or Incantation then Blood Reaping just might be for you.
I offered this band's first album in a convoluted post way back here, which was, along with Penumbra, the only other recorded material they managed to release before the death of their drummer, Saul. I think. Information on this band is actually kind of hazy. But either way, there is certainly a shitload of frenzied shredding going on with these guys, and as you already know, ESL song titles like "Witching Bloodreaping" go a long way for me. As is often the case with obscure Mexican death metal, the album cover here pretty much says it all. Not a lot of surprises, but solid as fuck.

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